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Global Notification Emails

The Global Notification Emails allows farmerswife to send out emails to alert Users, Contacts and manually added email addresses when certain changes are made in the system that they need to be aware of. These changes could be for example when a Booking Status changes, a Project is closed or a Media Order is assigned to a User.

Settings can be configured by an Advanced User with Toolbox Settings access. To enable this functionality, follow these steps:

  • Follow the steps in Pre-requisites.
  • Enter the Toolbox > Settings > Notifications > and configure:

    1.    The Global Notification Defaults settings: Here you can define the default settings that will automatically apply to all Users in the system, and to new Projects (to apply to existing Projects, see further down):

    • In the Contacts pane, use the green plus icon to Select Contact Or Insert Email Address to be added to the default list of people who will be notified on all Projects. Tick the check-box next to the Contact to enable or disable it. Use the Bin icon to remove a Contact.

    • In the Email On Event pane, select what will trigger the notification to those contacts:

      • On Booking Global Status Change: This notification will be triggered when the Status of a Booking in the Project changes.
      • On Booking Time Report Change: This notification will be triggered when a Time Report in the Project is filled in.
      • On Media Order Status Changes: This notification will be triggered when the Status of a Media Order changes.
      • On Media Order Job Status Change: This notification will be triggered when the Status of a Media Order Job changes.
      • On Project Closing: This notification will be triggered when the Project is deactivated.
      • On Booking Declined By A User (Also Nofifies Owner): This notification will be triggered when the Status of an Involved User changes from Pending User’s Approval to Declined (by User). If the Web Profile setting User Must Accept Or Decline New Booking (in Web Profile > Events > Objects > His Own Object) is set and the User is added to a Booking that he then declines, the Person who is added to the Notification list and/ or the Booking Creator (Owner) will receive a Notification Email once the User has declined. If various Users have declined the same Booking, one Email per Booking is sent out. Refer to the User Approval manual for more details.
      • On a Booking Custom Field

    • At the bottom of the window, the setting When A Media Order Is Assigned To A User is outside of the Email On Event panel because it applies to the Users that gets a Media Order assigned to them, even if they are not listed in the Contacts panel.

    2.    The following two settings are configured per User:

  • Always Add Me To Notification List When I Create A New Project: When enabled, the Project owner (User who created the Project) will always receive these notifications.
  • Send Notifications To Me When Requests Are Created Or Modified: This option is only available if the User has the Receive Requests User Permission enabled (Object Manager > Advanced User > Modify User window > Permission Profile > Edit). Users that are connected to the farmerswife Client application will not receive the notification via email.

Project Notifications

To access the Notification options on a Project, click on the Eye menu and select Notifications in the drop-down menu.
A new Project automatically inherits the Global Notification Defaults defined in the Toolbox. But you can modify them by manually adding or removing Contacts and changing the Email On Event options.

Use the Load Related Contacts to add Contacts that have a relation to this Project. A relation can come from Project data or Project Custom Fields, but also Bookings or Booking Custom Fields. Once added, tick the box of the Contacts that should receive an Email Notification.

Use the Load Global Defaults on Projects that were created before the Global Notification Defaults were defined, or if by mistake you removed a Contact or a tick on one of the Email On Event check-boxes.

In the example above, the Load Related Contacts has added four Contacts to the list, but only two of them have been enabled by ticking their check-boxes.

It is possible to send Booking Custom Field information to other colleagues or contacts if necessary in an automated email. 

This might be useful to finalise workflows or to pass on a job to another colleague with the needed information. The information will get to them via email.

To activate this notifications go to Toolbox > Settings tab > Global Notifications > and select the option when an automatic email should be send out.
In this example it will be the Checkpoint change that triggers an email.

Additionally tick the checkboxes:

  • Include Booking Custom Fields
  • Include Booking Owner (Created by)

E.g. When Maria, the editor, finishes a Program and filled in all the necessary data in the Booking Custom Fields of the Edit Booking, she will set the Checkpoint Status to Completed. This Checkpoint Change will trigger an email to the Contacts setup in the Global Notification Defaults window.

Media Order Notifications

Media Orders attached to a Project inherit the Notification settings from the Project.

To access the Notification options on a stand alone Media Order (Media Orders not attached to Projects), click on the main drop-down menu and select Notifications. Adapt them as needed.

What is displayed in the email

The email subject shows the Project name and number, as well as Booking / Media Order name and number.

The body again shows the Project name and number and Booking /Media Order name and number. Next it shows details of the change itself.

In this example, Kevin receives an email with details of a time-report added to a Booking of a Project he is subscribed to. It shows the name of the Users/ Objects and the date and time of the Booking that was time-reported.

Customizing the email

The Global Notification Email template it is located in: farmerswife server > html_templates > other > notifications_email > notification_email.html

* IMPORTANT: If you change this file, you need to make a backup of it, so you can replace it again after an upgrade of the farmerswife Server application.

On Windows, you can change the permission to "read only"; then when upgrading the WIFE Server application, simply "Ignore" that this file is set as "Read Only" during the installation process.

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