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Web Profile Manager

Web Permission Profiles apply to Advanced Users, Web Users and Contacts, which can be configured to grant access to the WIFE system via these access tiers:

The Web Profiles are a very powerful tool! Be careful, as they can easily be configured incorrectly. For example, you create a permission profile and grant a Contact type “Client” access to all of your Contacts. Or you grant a Client the permission to create Bookings. Taking the time to set up meaningful profiles will not only save you time, but also many headaches. 

When initially setting up your database, start with one user's profile and then save as many other profiles as you determine is necessary for your facility (i.e. Editor, Producer, Client, Freelancer, Accountant, etc.). You can then choose those profiles as you set up your additional users.

Access the Web Profile Manager 
To access the Web Profile Manager go to farmerswife Client > Object Manager > open a User Profile. 

Click on the drop-down menu to the right of the Permission Profile and choose Web Profile Manager to set up the various Profiles. On Web Users, it is only possible to access the Web Profile Manager.

Create a New Profile and Group

Simply right-mouse-button-click or use Ctrl. + Click (on Mac) in the top left pane to create a new Profile; see circled part in screenshot. 

Groups contain the Web Profiles and are useful to sort the Web User Profiles. Use the Move option to move a Web Profile into another Group. 

For a detailed description of the permissions, please refer to the have a look at the Web Permission Table.
On saving the Profiles give them good, simple and short names describing for whom or for what they are intended. You don’t want to be checking each profile’s setup every time you assign it to someone. 

Assigning a Web Profile to a User
On Web Users you can choose the previously created Web Profile directly from the Permission selector. For Advanced Users, choose their Web Profile in their Advanced User profile thus the Web Profile is linked to the assigned Advanced Profile.

Required Server-side settings

  • In farmerswife Server > Setup > General: The following settings are required to be properly set/ opened/ forwarded on the according firewalls, routers and switches within your network. And some of them need to be exposed to the Internet, in order to connect from the outside of your local network (LAN) to the WIFE Server. For more detailed information see “ ServerPorts_and_AccessTiers”.

    • Allow Mail (and related settings) must be on, i.e. set to Yes, to invite any Contact Type (Client, Resource). See related “ Email_Notification” documentation.
    • Http Port: Used to stream QuickTime, WebCal, Old Web Client.
    • URL To Server: Used by iOS, New & Old Web Client, WebCal and the Mobile Web Client (MWC)· 
    • Port: This is the port used to login to the Web Client; in the web browser type: http://your.Domain.IP:26000· 
    • API Port: This is used by the iOS application; enter this in the Apple mobile device’s Settings > farmersWIFE > Port·

  • In WIFE Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Web Share Settings > Daily Sendout ... is the same as the above-mentioned Server-side setting (only available to Advanced users with Server Setup access rights).
  • In WIFE Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Web Share Settings > WebCal ... enable and configure the days of Events to show before and after the actual day. For further information and configuration details aout WebCal see the separate “WebCal” documentation.·
  • In WIFE Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Web Share Settings > Schedule Changes Email Sendout.

Web Permissions Table


Necessary Permissions for Web Users to be able to create ad-hoc Time Reports:

What is My Events vs. My Related Events?

Projects in the Web Client

A Web User with the Web Profile Permission to use the iOS app can create a Project through the iOS or the Mobile WebClient. It is not possible to create a new Project in the Web Client.

The following Web Permissions have to been set. At least on of each setting:

Projects > Show > All Projects, If It Is In His Division, If He Has A Relation To It.

If neither of the mentioned above is ticked, it is not possible to edit any Project the permission for Allow Editing will begrayed out.

Projects > Allow Editing Projects > Always, If It Is In His Division, If He Has A Relation To It.

Which Projects are shown and available

All active and closed or invoiced Projects will be shown in the Web Client. Among the active Projects, even the ones with Status: Quotation and Hold Invoice will be available. Canceled Projects won't show up in the Web Client. It is possible to add a Booking to any active Project.

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