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Introduction to Emails and iOS Notifications

There are various functionalities in farmerswife that send email notifications.

  1. Daily Email Sendout
  2. Project Booking Report
  3. Schedule Changes Email Sendout
  4. Global Notification Email
  5. Send Email To Users in Tree
  6. Booking Alarm Email and To-Do Alarm Emails
  7. Low Stock Warning Email
  8. Overdue Time Reports

There are the iOS Push Notifications options that will create the iOS push notification on the iOS device.

To be able to receive any of these email notifications, make sure to properly configure the Pre-requisite email options, aswell as the specific functionality. The iOS Push Notifications is a separate chapter that does not require the email options to be enabled.


  1. Configure Outgoing Mail Server Settings

    Please refer to Server Setup article in our Knowledgebase.

  2. Setup the PDF Printer (it's needed for those notifications that need to send attachments).

    Please refer to the PDF Printer article in our Knowledgeable.

  3. Enter email addresses in Users and Resources Profiles

    For Users and Resources to be able to receive emails, they must have their email addresses correctly entered intheir profiles:

    • User Email: Go to Object Manager > search for the User > double-click to open the Modify User window > enter email address
    • Resource Email: Go to Object Manager (or Toolbox > Contacts) > search for the Resource > double-click to open window > enter email address.

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