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Low Stock Warning Email

Low Stock Warning Emails can only be set for Advanced Users. This email will inform the User when a piece of material reaches the low stock level.

To enable this functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the steps in Pre-requisites.
  2. Enable the Edit Stock permission on the Advanced User Permission Profile. Go to Object Manager > search for the User > double-click to open the Modify User window > access the Permission Profile:

  3. In Object Manager > search under Type: Materials > double-click on a Material to open the Modify window and set a Stock and also the Low Stock On quantity:

Or else, use the Stock Viewer, accessed through Menu (top left corner of the Client application). Click on the menu icon next to each Material to Set Stock and Set Warning.

It will also show a graphical overview of all the stock levels with a colour code:

  1.   Green = far from being low
  2.  Yellow = close to being low
  3. ➝  Red = low (it will turn red when it reaches the line representing the low stock level)

What triggers the information on the Stock Viewer is the reporting of material used. Each time a piece of material is reported (either on the Booking Timereport window or on the Project window), the stock will be automatically updated and lower it's amount, so that when it reaches the amount that has been set up under Set Warning or Low Stock On, an email will be sent to all those Users who have the permission Edit Stock set to Yes and have their email address properly configured.

When the Low Stock level is reached on any of the Materials, this email will be sent out to those Users with Edit Stock permission. The subject will always be Low Stock Warning and the sender will be the dedicated email address in the Server Setup, see chapter Pre-Requisites. The email will show the quantity of all those Materials that are low on stock.

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