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Daily Email Sendout

The Daily Email Sendout sends a daily report of the current day’s schedule, including Project Bookings, Media Order Bookings, Task Bookings and Personnel Bookings, plus up to 30 days ahead (depending on the configuration), via email to Users and Resources (even if they do not have Web Access enabled).

Settings can be configured by an Advanced User with Toolbox Settings access. To enable this functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the steps in Pre-requisites.
  2. Enter the Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Web Share Settings > Email Notifications> Daily Sendout, and set:

    • The Time when the email should go out (this will also enable the option in Web Profile Manager).
    • The Show Days, here select the numbers of days ahead (up to 30) that should be displayed in the email.

  3. Enable the Daily Email Sendout option on the User/ Resource Web Profile (if you haven’t setup a User profile, please refer to the Web Permission Profile Quickstart in our Knowledge base):

    • Advanced/ Web User - Web Profile: go to Object Manager > search for the User > double-click to open the "Modify User" window > access the Web Profile Manager:

    • Resource Web Profile: Go to Object Manager (or Toolbox > Contacts) > search for the Resource > double-click to open window > access the Web Profile Manager:

      * Resources can receive the Daily Email even if they don’t have a Web User license – thus their Web Access in their profile is disabled.

Once in, enable the Daily Email Sendout option:

What is displayed in the email:

In this example, the artist receives a daily email at 19:00 with the schedule for the day plus 9 days ahead, showing:

  • Date and Booking time
  • If Project Booking > Project name / Client name / Project Number / Booking name /Involved / Booking Note
  • If Media Order Booking > Client name / Media Order name / Booking name / Booking note
  • If Personnel Booking > Personnel type
  • If Task Booking > Booking name / Involved / Booking Note

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