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Email Reminders for over-due Time-Reports

Now the farmerswife Server can automatically send email reminders for over-due time reports to Users.


  1. Configure the Mail settings in Server Setup > General Tab. See Server Setup Manual > General.
  2. Go to fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Email Notifications > "Time Reporting Sendout Reminder" and change the setting "Time" (set to "Never" by default) and "Send After (Days)" to the desired time you’d like to send out the reminder and after how many days that a Time Report is pending. Note, that the reminder doesn't get bookings older than {"Send After (Days)" + 7} days.

  3. Go to fw Client > Object Manager > User > Web Profile Manager. Enable the new "Web Permission Profile"setting > Allowed Access Tiers > "Time Reporting Email Sendout".
    Currently the feature is only available for system ‘Users’ (not Resources).

  4. Adjust the contents of the email following the configuration in this "template" file:

    fw server > html_templates > other > timereport_reminder_email > "timereport_reminder_email.txt":

    <Start Subject - DONT EDIT THIS LINE>
    <AMOUNT_DUE> Time Report(s) are due from <OWNER_COMPANY_NAME>
    <Start Body - DONT EDIT THIS LINE>
    Dear <USER_NAME>,
    Please see below your due time reports:
    Best regards,


Should you customise the email template file "timereport_reminder_email.txt":

  • Keep a backup of your customised file on the Desktop of the fw Server host machine.
  • On Windows/ Linux: change the used email template file "timereport_reminder_email.txt" to be "Read Only". Then on following fw Server upgrades is "Ignore" when the Installation Wizard complains that it can't be changed!
  • On Mac: Don't forget to copy your customised email template file "timereport_reminder_email.txt" from your back up on the Desktop, and replace the "default" one delivered with each new fw Server package.

How it works

The emails will then be sent to all Users with the new "Web Permission Profile" setting > Web Profile Manager window > per Web Permission Profile > Allowed Access Tiers > "Time Reporting Email Sendout" activated/ ticked.
If they have pending Time Reports within max 7 days into the past from today, all the pending ones will be listed. See below example:

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