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Outgoing Mail Configuration / Email Configuration / Email Setup

  1. Set Allow Mail to Yes.

  2. Outgoing Mail Address: Define the IP address of the email (SMTP) Server (check your local email application).
    Some SMTP Servers have anti-spamming counter measures implemented, which require ‘HELO handshaking’ from a fully qualified domain name or IP address before they send out email.
    To set the domain or IP address, click the drop-down arrow and select Set "HELO" String.
    Define the domain or IP address as required by your Internet Service Provider.

  3. Set the Port: Define the port number for outgoing email (default is 25).
    This port is used to specify the connection to your own separate (local or remote) mail server (SMTP) for “outgoing emails”.
    This port and its related settings are used by the WIFE Server to authenticate and send emails. This is not a ‘listening’ port of the WIFE Server.
  4. Define the User Name and Password. For the WIFE Server to be allowed to send emails using YOUR outgoing mail server, you most likely have to use the authentication credentials of an existing email account.
    Consider creating an email account for the WIFE Server, for example "fw_info_dont_reply@MyCompany.ex". And this email account then will need to have a password set, e.g. 123456. Using these examples you then need to populate these fields in the following way:
    User Name: fw_info_dont_reply@MyCompany.ex
    Password: 123456

  5. Test the SMTP service by selecting Test (through the drop-down menu). By default this test will be sent to the email entered in the System Administrator Mail Address field (see next step). If not set yet, it can be typed into the pop upwindow.

  6. Set the System Administrator Mail Address: this email address will receive server related email notifications, such as license expiry reminder.

  7. Set the Daily Mail “From” Address: this address will be used as the sender email address of the Daily Email Sendout.

  8. The Force Send All Emails From Address overrides the Daily Mail “From” Address, and various other hard-coded sender email addresses throughout farmerswife.
    This setting was introduced due to the fact that traditionally farmerswife has used a mix of email addresses in the"From" header of the emails that it sends.
    In some cases it has been the "System Administrator” address, in others it has been hard-coded addresses such as "bookings@(domain)", "reminder@(domain)", etc. This used to work ok but in recent years the war against spam has led to SMTP servers rejecting emails if they don't come from the expected sender (typically when combined with SMTP authentication).
    If an email address is entered in the ”Force Send All Emails From”, it will override all other "From" addresses.
    If it is left blank, it will behave as before.

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