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What is the Object Manager?

The Object Manager is the place where all Objects are created and managed. Objects are Users, Resources, Equipment, Rooms, Services, Extras, Groups and Object Classes. Here is also where you setup your Object Custom Fields.

Access and Overview

Access the Object Manager by clicking on the Object Manager tab in the Navigation Bar at the top. The Object Manager Navigation tab is visible to any Advanced User. However, the creation and modification of Objects can be limited through the Users' Permission Profile.

Search Fields

Upon accessing the Object Manager, a list of Objects is displayed in the main window on the left hand side.

The right-hand window displays Object Classes or Groups, depending on the selected display option.

Type Menu

  • Type in the white search field to search for Objects within the selected Type (if any). You can also search for Activities and other keywords in fields that are setup in the Object Custom Fields. 
    * See also: Settings > Update Search Results When Typing.

  • Select a Type to display all Objects of the selected Type. Or select (All) and type in the search field to search for a specific Object. 


(Only available if licensed). Filter here Objects by Division.

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