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Print a Report from the Object Manager

There are two options to print data from the Object Manager. 

  1. Print Designer Report 
    Click on the Reports icon in the top right corner of the window, to create and print reports on a list of Objects. 
    Highlight items to be included in the Report, or none to include all visible from the main window and click on the Reports icon. A window will ask whether to "Only Show Selected". If the Report is to be done on all items displayed in the main window, select No. To report only on the selected items, select Yes. In the Print Designer window select a predefined Template or create a customized template. See the Print Designer manual for details on how to use the Print Designer. 

  2. Spreadsheet Report 
    Click on the Open As Spreadsheet icon either in the bottom right corner of the main window or the bottom right corner of the right window to export the items to a Spreadsheet file, like Excel. Only the displayed columns of information will be exported. 

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