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Object Manager - Time Units

A Time Unit is a particular type of Object which requires booking the amount of units an Object may produce rather than the booking of scheduled time.

Time Units would typically be used for Objects such as a laser film printer, film developer, media encoding. Rather than booking the time required for the use of the laser film printer, the User defines the number of frames which the printer can print in an hour, and then book the number of frames to be produced.

For Time Units you can importantly define the Unit Name (e.g. frames/ s) and in the Unit Per Hour field how many Units can be worked on per hour:

    A name for the Time Unit.

    Buy/ Sell Rate
    The cost of the Object (per Unit) to the company (Buy); and the cost of the Object (per Unit) to the customer (Sell).

    Tick the checkbox if the default Tax defined in the Financial Tab of the Server Setup applies to it.

    Unit Name
    Define the type of Unit, e.g. frames, meters, pages.

    Units Per Hour
    Define the amount of Units produced per Hour, e.g. how many frames, meters, pages are produced per hour.

    Any additional information for the Time Unit.

    Confirm Note
    Define an optional ‘Confirmation Note’ which will appear as a pop up window when the Time Unit is booked.

    Click here to choose an icon for this Time Unit.

    Select if the Object is Active or not. Only active Objects can be booked.

    Inventory Number
    Define a number used for inventory or asset management purposes which can be published in Print Designer to create Inventory reports or similar.

    Enter a Reference number for the Time Unit, for accounts or Financial Reports purposes. Can be numbers or characters.

    This is an extra window for Customs only available for Time Units and that can be used instead of the Custom Fields option available for the rest of the Objects (see further down). Define any Custom Fields that may be required by clicking the Create New (green plus) icon. Custom Fields are an optional feature and allow adding more fields of information associated to the Time Unit, e.g. aspect ratio if it is a laser recorder.

    (Farmers WIFE only option) These Checkpoints will allow indicating the current status of the job booked on the Time Unit. For example the Time Unit 'Recording 2K', can contain the following Checkpoints: 'Files input', 'Printing', or 'Files Output'. When booking this Time Unit, each of these Checkpoints can be modified to indicate the their status: Not Done, In Progress, Done.

    Press OK to submit the defined Object information.

    Select Advanced to define the Advanced Object preferences such as Object Permissions or which Object Class this time Unit belongs to; see related chapter for more information.

    Custom Fields
    Custom Fields allow to add more fields of information to an Object. The Custom Fields icon, found in the lower left corner of the window, only appears if Custom Fields Templates have been previously defined. These templates can only be created from the Object Manager / Server Setup. Click on the icon to select a Custom Field Template to apply to the Time Unit being created.

    Press this button to cancel any undesired changes.

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