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Object Manager - Object Classes

Object Classes are the main way of categorising Objects or Users in farmerswife. 

A Class can be a role, for example: "VFX artists" can be created containing all the VFX artists. When booking, the Class can be selected and farmerswife can automatically allocate an available member of that class or by double clicking on the Class name, you will be able to se all the available members of that Class.

Object Classes can also be used to set one price for all the members belonging to it. Upon pricing changes only the prices of the Object Class need to be changed and not the prices of each User.

Objects / Users can be included in more than one Object Class.

The window on the right hand side of the Object Manager can be used to view Object Classes. To add an Object Class > right mouse click in this window > New Class.

From this right hand window you can also edit the current Object Classes. First click to highlight > right ouse click > Edit (or Remove to delete that Object Class).

Alternatively Object Classes can be added in the same way as Objects: within the Object Manager > right click > “New in” > Classes.

You can add/ delete members of the object class in the “Members” section of the window.

Another way to add members to an Object Class is to drag them within the Object Manager from the list of Objects on the left, to the required Object Class in the window on the right. In this way you can multi select objects (shift click or ctrl/ cmd click) and drag them all the class at the same time:

To modify an existing Object Class, open it by clicking on the name of the Class in the list and select Modify.

To create a new Object Class click on the Add New (green plus) icon. Enter a Name for the Class in the upcoming window and press OK.

The Modify Object Class window opens allowing to define further the details for the new Class:

  • Icon: Choose an appropriate icon for the Class, click on it to change it.

  • Booking Colour: Set a colour to show the Booking line of an Object in this colour if booked with that Class.

  • Ref: A reference number for the Class.

  • Parent Class: Set Parent Class. Leave blank if should be Parent Class.

  • Division: Select the Division the Object Class belongs to.

  • Buy/ Sell Rate: Use these rates only if the Inherit Rate From Object Class option in the members of this class are or will be enabled.
    The cost of the Object class to the company (buy) and the cost of the Object Class to the client/customer (sell). Also select the corresponding checkbox to indicate whether this rate is applied per Day or per Hour.

  • Show Availability in Web: Allows to see the availability of Objects belonging to an Object Class within a defined time range if the legacy old Web Client is licensed.

  • Randomly Pick Object: Once enabled this new feature will randomly pick a member when using "Allocate Object" when booking by an Object Class.

  • Members: o add an Object to an Object Class, simply select the Object or Object Category from the drop . down list, by clicking the drop down arrow menu.
    To remove an Object click on the Name and press Confirm in the next window.
    Select specific Objects to be Picked First/ Second/ Third or Last when the Object is booked via the Object Class or when certain Object Class features e.g. 'Replace With Available Class Members' are used.

      Resources can only be added through the Modify window as they are not displayed in the Object Manager/ Server Setup.

  • OK: Press OK to submit the defined information.

  • Advanced: Select Advanced to define the Advanced Object preferences; see
    related chapter for more information.

    All Activities setup per Object Class will also be available to choose from when Booking an Object belonging to this Object Class.

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