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Email Project Booking report

Easily want to share the Booking information with internal/external people? No problem. This feature allows you to setup a Print Designer template and some email body text templates that you can select and then send the Booking information directly from the Booking to the Involved Users /People and/ or other contacts.


  • Configure the default email "subject and body" text template that you can choose from when sending the email.

    You can have multiple *.txt files setup to choose from when sending the email report. The templates are stored in: farmerswife server > html_templates > other > booking_report_email.

  • See the first line for the available variables (keys). You can edit or remove text that is not in <> and/ or remove variables from the Subject and Body part.

Here's a list with explanation on the diff. variables (keys) (red: from 6.4!)

<PROJECT_CUSTOM_FIELDS> - lists all Project Custom Fields. To only show selected please see instructions further down.
<BOOKING_CUSTOM_FIELDS> - lists all Booking Custom Fields. To only show selected please see instructions further down.

  • Your User must have an email address assigned. The email address will be the sender email when sending out the report unless in the Server Setup > General you use the: “Force Send All Emails From”, in that case this email is used.
  • Prepare a Project Booking Report template with the Print Designer to be attached to the Email (or you can choose "None" when sending out). Open a Booking > bottom right corner, click the ‘Report’ icon > Project Report (or Single Day if it’s a multi-day Booking).

Sending out the Booking Report:

  • Click the Booking Icon on the displayed Booking. Alternatively open the Booking > top left corner click the Booking menu.

    Note: if you have the setting: Auto pop-up Booking Window in Toolbox > Settings > Booking Default enable, you first need to press ‘Apply’ at the bottom of the Booking Window to get the changes saved and thus be printed on the report.

  • On multi-day Bookings depending on which day in the Hourline you click on the Booking icon, fw will display the selected date of the Booking in the Subject and Body of the email. However when opening the Booking and top left corner click the Booking menu > Other > Email Project Booking Report, the Date will be the first day of the Booking.

The ‘Email Project Booking Report’ window opens allowing you to:

  • Manually type email addresses into the Recipient field. Add multiple addresses by comma separating them.
  • Select from a drop down list of existing Client, Resource and Global contacts.

    Note: If you add a comma after the first email and then select from the drop down again it will replace the first email. Thus you’ve to enter a comma and then 'manually' type the next email address.

  • Press the green + to add all involved Users/ Resources and the Project Owner/ Creator.
  • Choose a Print Designer template (Report Template).
  • Select an Email Template that will fill in the Subject and Body.
  • Or manually type a Subject and Body text.

Press OK to send the email. A pop up shows when the email was sent and to whom.

The Booking Report Email

See below an example on the email that was sent.

Include only selected Booking or Project Custom Fields

To select and display in the email BODY only specific Custom Fields (available from v6.4 SP1) from the Project or Booking you first need to create a template with the name "custom_template_CHOOSENAME.txt" in the farmerswife server > html_templates > other > booking_report_email. Use the existing "english.txt" and COPY into same folder. Then change the name to "custom_template_xxx.txt".

Then from the fw Client > Bookings > Booking Menu ... > Other > Email Project Booking Report  select this template a first time and send it. This populates the available Custom Fields of the Booking name and the Project to the template. They are listed at the top under "Available keys" with the format: <BOOKING_CUSTOM_FIELDS_LabelName> and <PROJECT_CUSTOM_FIELDS_LabelName>. 

Copy/ paste the custom field keys to the subject or body where you want the information of the field to be displayed.

Note: If you use the SAME custom_template to send an email project report from a different booking with different Booking Custom Fields, those variables will be displayed at the top of the template under the "Available keys".

But the variables you added to the Subject or Body beforehand will not be touched. If the system can't find a matching info in the current Booking you are sending the email from, the fields are "blank".

Checkbox Custom Fields are displayed as 1 (checked), 0 (unchecked), blank (tristate empty).

File Custom Fields will display an internal ID and the filename+extension. But the file will NOT be attached.

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