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PDF Print Setup fw Server-side

This functionality is optional and only needs to be configured IF the farmerswife (fw) Server application is to create, save, or email PDFs.

PDF functionality is needed for the below features:

- Email Project booking Report

- Email Invoice PDF Attachment

- Dispatch Note (EMT feature)

- Needed for Web Users to print Object or User Report from Web or iOS

- xxx

Install as per the following instructions:

PC - Install Ghostscript Writer


  1. Download and install PDFWriter package by double clicking and follow the installation instructions.

  1. Once installed and only if you are on El Capitan or later:

    • Go to system preferences Printers and Scanners pane.
    • Click the Plus sign to add a printer and select PDFwriter:
    • In the Use: field it defaults to Generic PostScript Printer - (if this doesn't work- use the drop down and choose "Other")

    • Now you have a file dialog box, navigate to /Library/Printers/Lisanet/PDFwriter/PDFwriter.ppd and click the Open button:

    • You are back in the Add printer dialog box, click the Add button and you are done!

  2. Make a test print (to create the repository folder): print any document as PDF with PDFwriter.
  3. Configure the PDF Writer in farmerswife Server Setup:

    • Log out all connected Users from the Server.
    • Go into “Setup” > General >  Enable PDF Printing: Set 'Enabled" to YES. 
    • Click on the selector bar next to ‘Default Printer’ and choose: PDFwriter.
    • Then click on the grey bar to select the PDF Repository folder: use SHIFT+CMD+G and type:

      “/private” in the entry field >  then browse to /private/var/spool/pdfwriter/username.

      * (The folder only appears if you previously made a test print using the PDFwriter)
      If for some reason the private folder is greyed out and you can’t click on it, search here: User/Shared/pdf writer.

      Once selected in the entry field the link updates to the above mentioned link (/private/var/spool/pdfwriter/username) automatically.

      This folder is intended for server-side usage. Pdf print outs will be stored just temporarily. Files will be deleted by the fw server if process is successful. If the process fails, the file remains in the folder. A full folder could indicate, that there is a problem with the process,e.g. sending invoices.

    • In the next steps click to set the Page Setup (PDF size, portrait/ landscape, A4/ Letter…), click OK. 
    • And click to set the Printer Settings to set the default PDF Printer Settings (print on page, multiple pages etc.), click Print.
    • Do a Test Print by clicking on the Test button.

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