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Server Log window

When starting the farmerswife Server, the Server console window opens.

The Log pane

The top pane shows Server status messages (Log). These messages are time/date stamped and include details of operations such as, starting and stopping of the Server, loading of Server components, Server database Backup events and connection and disconnection of Users.

The information will be saved in the log.txt located in the "system" folder of the Server installation folder.

At each start-up of the Server, start-up checks and procedures, e.g. verifying the license information (expiration and setup of license details) will be performed. 

Once the message "Server Ready" is displayed all checks have been completed and Users can connect through their Clients. And as soon as the message "farmerswife New Web Server Started" is displayed Web Users can connect through a Web browser, web mobile or iOS application.

The Connected: x Users pane

Click on the menu icon at the top left corner of this pane to Send Message To Connected Application Users. This option is usually used when the System Administrator needs to stop the farmerswife Server e.g. to perform an upgrade. By clicking here you can write a message like "Please disconnect in 5 minutes, we are upgrading farmerswife". When hitting OK all connected Advanced Users will get a pop-up window with this message in their farmerswife applications.

This pane also shows which Advanced Users are connected to the farmerswife Server. By clicking on the menu icon next to the User you can see User information, and also disconnect him from the Server (Terminate Connection).

Note: Only use this option if previously confirmed with the connected User so no information will be lost.

The bottom pane

On the left side there are details about:

  • Today: Today’s date
  • Expires: Expiry date of the license
  • Options: License configuration

And on the right side there are these buttons:

  • Backup Now: By clicking this button you manually initiate the standard database back-up process. In the Server Log Window you will now see “Manual Database Save” followed by the 5-step saving process. See more details about the Backup configuration in General Server Setup.
  • Full Backup Now: To create a Full Backup of the farmerswife Server application. The Full Backup path can be the local machine or any host which is accessible through the LAN. This operation is recommended before performing an upgrade of the Server application or any other modifications within the installation folder structure. See more details about the Full Backup configuration in General Server Setup.
  • Send Backup Now: To sends an encrypted file to a safe FTP location of farmerswife Support containing copies of the following folders: system folder, lib folder, jetty folder and html_templates folder - you can choose to send also the archives, histories and dispatches folders, located within the system folder. For this feature to work the Server machine needs an Internet connection. Additionally, if the Allow Mail option together with the E-Mail server has been configured in the General Server Setup, a message can be sent via email to farmerswife Support informing that the database copy was sent. This is a background process and will not disconnect logged-in users. But you might notice that the data upload is taking place, due to the increased activity of the machine hosting the WIFE server.
  • Setup: Click to enter the Server Setup.
    Note: All Users will be disconnected from the Server and unsaved changes will be lost. Notify all connected Users before entering the Server Setup.
  • Speed Test: To run a Speed Test of the Server machine. The result can be accessed through the log window and the log.txt.
  • Quit: Click this button to quit the farmerswife Server.
    All Users will be disconnected from the Server and unsaved changes will be lost. Notify all connected Users before quitting.

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