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Introduction to Server Setup and configuration

Before Users can begin to use farmerswife, it is necessary to configure some Server settings.

To enter the Server Setup, press the Setup button.

Note: All Users will be disconnected from the Server and unsaved changes will be lost. Notify all Users before entering the Server Setup.

The Tabs at the bottom of the window give access to different configuration areas of farmerswife Server.

  • General: General configuration of the farmerswife Server.
  • Users: Setup initial Users. More users can be setup through Desktop Client Object Manager.
  • Objects: Setup of Object Custom Fields related settings.
    Note: Since version 5.1: Objects Setup and Management has been completely moved to the Desktop Client Object Manager. This way the Server does not have to be stopped to add or edit Objects.
  • Bookings: Setup of Bookings and Booking related operations.

  • Projects: Setup of Projects, Containers, Work Orders, Expense Sheets and other Project related operations.

  • Contacts: Import Contact database, Setup Contact information and Company relations.

  • Media Library: Setup of the Media Management module and related operations. This is a separate licensed module.

  • Financial: Setup of financial details, such as Currencies, Invoice Due Dates, Tax information, Purchase Order CustomFields and Financial Report configuration.

  • Play: Setup of farmerswife play. This is a separate licensed module.

  • OK: Click to exit any of the Server Setup options and return to the Server console window. There is no need to savechanges because any change will be carried out immediately.

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