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farmerswife Architecture and data flow

The API port requires a special license to enable it as an API, as normally it only works for our iOS clients. It uses the Jetty WebServer so by default it doesn't use SSL, as enabling the SSL with our self signed certificate will show alarms in all major browsers.

This also applies for the Web and Mobile Web client.

The Jetty web server works as a middle-man between those clients and the farmerswife server.

The desktop and file transfer port uses our own self signed SSL certificate by default as it's a TCP connection. When a desktop client logs in, after the user authentication, if it detects that the version is old or mismatched it will use the file transfer port to receive, from the server, the necessary files to downgrade or upgrade.

The desktop client can also upload files using the file transfer port to the project folders in case any media or file needs to get uploaded.

WebCal uses a TCL web server to serve all user calendars to sync with different applications, by default it doesn't have SSL enabled for the same reason as the web client. We recommend installing the farmerswife server behind a reverse proxy so you can set up the preferred ciphers, protocols and SSL certificates to secure the connectivity between users and farmerswife.

Read more about proxying your farmerswife server with NGINX.

The Send Backup Now process is the only one that can send us data to our private FTP for debugging purposes, there is no external access to the farmerswife server from any farmerswife employee if the client does not create a user specifically for us to use.

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