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Support is requesting that I send my database. How do I get it to them?

Clicking the "Send Backup Now" button in the bottom right corner of the Server window, will send a copy of your database to Support without logging out any Users. (The Server must have internet access for this feature to work.) The database is encrypted and automatically uploaded to the Support FTP Server as a password-protected file. When sending the backup, you may also enter a message for the Support team.

Send Backup Now

How to send us a copy of your database?

• Use the "Send Backup Now" button, located at the bottom right corner of the running farmerswife Server application window. 

• The fw Server needs to have access to the internet. It uses the default FTP port 21.

• After clicking on the "Send Backup Now" please read and interact with the following pop-up windows.

• This will then locally copy your main database files (current45.efdb, fwdb.db3, histories.db3) along with other important files (log-files, label images, etc); these are then compressed, encrypted, password protected and automatically uploaded to our FTP server. 

• This is a background process. It will not log anyone out.

• On the "Choose Files To Send" pop-up window, ensure the check-boxes to include "Archives", "Histories" and "Dispatches" are unchecked; unless otherwise informed.

• If the "Allow Mail" feature is enabled fw Server-side, then please enter a descriptive message and include the Ticket #number as reference, for us to know what this data upload is about. 

• The uploaded data is processed as quickly as possible.

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