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Creating A New Media in The Media Library

There are different ways to create a new Media:

From within the Media Library module

  • Open the Media Library
  • Select a Library in the Search In selector
  • Right-click or click on the menu icon in the Results window and select New Media
  • The New Media window opens

Through the Edit Project window

  • Open the Project that the new Media is going to be linked to
  • Click on the Eye icon in the Edit Project window and select Related Media
  • When the Media Attached To Project window opens click on the Create New icon
  • The Choose Destination window opens to select the Destination Library
  • The New Media window opens

Standard Fields in a Media

The following standard information can be defined for a Media.

This field is not only used to name the new Media, but also to attach it to an existing Project.
Attaching Media to an existing Project: Click in the Name field and a drop-down list of Projects will display. Once a Project is selected the Project Name will appear in the upper left corner to indicate that the Media is attached to this particular Project. To detach the Media from the Project; click on the menu icon next to the Project Name and select Detach From Project.
Once the Media is attached, the Media Name can be modified if required.
When a Media is attached to a Project, the Client information will be auto populated and any Media Custom Field that matches any Project Custom Field will automatically be filled-in if information exists at Project level. If the information is later modified at Project level, it will not change for the Media - to update it, the Media must be re-linked to the Project.
This Number is consecutive by default and will depend on the configuration on the Server Setup i.e. if there is parallel numbering allowed for each library etc.
Select a Format from the drop-down list.
The Client name is auto populated when selecting the Project. This can be modified if required, by deleting the Client and selecting another from the drop down that appears. Note that a New Client can be created in the contact database by clicking on the menu icon next to ID.
This field is related to the Client and will be automatically filled-in if the information exists for the selected Client.
Specify the Standard from the drop down list.
Specify the Frames Per Second from the drop down list.
Specify Yes or No for the Drop frame.
Specify the Location of the Media from the drop down menu. If the Dispatch module is licensed a menu icon appears next to this field. For more details see the Dispatch Manual.
Specify the Media Type from the drop-down menu.
Web Access
Select Yes to enable a client to view this Media through the Legacy Web Client (if licensed).
To enter any general notes.

Media Custom Fields

Below the Note there is a line separating the Standard Fields from the Custom Fields. These are the customized fields that are created in the Server Setup and will be different depending on the Library this Media belongs to.

if the Media is attached to a Project, all those Media Custom Fields matching Project Custom Fields will be automatically filled in if information exists for them at Project level.

Other Media Options

A menu icon to the left of the Media Name allows the addition of the Media to a Basket. Please see more details on how to use Baskets in the Media Ord
In the upper right corner, the Library where this Media belongs is displayed. See further down under how to move a Media to another Library.
The entire History of a Media from its creation to the edition of an Entry is recorded in the Media History Log. The History will display the modification date and time, the User who modified the Media and a general line describing what was modified.
History Filter
This selector allows the filtering of history lines related to Media Orders, Dispatches, or Legacy Web Client access (if any of these are licensed).
Created By / Modified By
In the bottom left corner, there are two lines showing the User name, date and time when the Media was first created and when it was last modified.
Search field
At the bottom middle of the window, there is a Search Field where search criteria can be entered. If the Media was opened from the Results window in the Library Search, the left/right arrows can be used to move to the previous/next Media according to your search.
Please see **INSERT LINK
OK / Cancel:
Click on OK to save changes and hit Cancel to cancel any changes done at Media level.

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