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Handling Client Masters - best practice

The Dispatch Module of Farmers WIFE will allow you to track masters coming in and out of the house.
When a new master is received it is possible to link it to the project through the Dispatch Module and then dispatch it out. This is the quickest and easiest way to track it.

Another way to track client masters is to barcode them and to keep a numerical reference of them in the Media Library. One of the library indexes would then be setup to be called for example “Client Masters”. This way, the numbering will not interfere with the in house tape numbering, since numbering can be unique for each library index that is set up.

Another advantage of this setup is that labels can be preprinted. Each time a new client master is received a barcode label is attached to it. Only the information of the tape then needs to be entered in the library. The best way to manage this is with a “new dispatch in”:

Open the Dispatch Module and go to the little dropdown menu to create a new dispatch in:

Appeal again, but this time in this window on the dropdown menu. Now in the info fields (New) compile your media meta data. Provide the tape with a name, number and format. Press Ok and fill in the rest of the details in the main dispatch window. Where the tape came from, delivered by whom and etc. So it is in the dispatch module that you keep track of your tapes that you borrowed from other clients (green and red arrows indicate if they are already in or out the house), and you don’t have to create in your library a new tape that occupies a new number. Beside this it’s possible to create a new media from the “new dispatch in” source to add this dispatch to one of the tape libraries, without entering double information.

Another solution is to create a library that is called “Borrowed tapes” for example, to store all the master tapes that come in from other clients and the numbering of all your libraries is individual ( Server Setting) so they don’t interfere with the own library numbering.

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