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Media Library Barcode Setup

Barcodes can be used to speed up searches when looking for a tape and to easily track media. The Barcode Reader replaces the need to manually type long numbers by reading the code (the lines) and translating the barcode lines into numbers. This number will appear in the farmerswife field where the cursor has been placed e.g. the Number field in the Media Library.

Download and Install Barcode Font

First download and install a barcode font from one of the suggested links below:

For Windows: 
3 of 9 barcode font:  3 of 9 barcode font for Windows

For Mac: 
free3of9: free3of9 barcode font for Mac [Shows as 'New' in the Font Book]
3of9_New: 3 of 9 barcode font for Mac [Shows as '3 of 9 Barcode' in Font Book]

From the author Matthew Welch:
‘3 of 9 (sometimes called 'code 39') [is] a widely used barcode standard that includes capital letters, numbers, and several symbols. […] Most kinds of barcode scanners will recognize 3 of 9 just fine. […]Two versions of 3 of 9 are included. The font called 'Free 3 of 9' is the basic 3 of 9 standard. It includes letters and these symbols: $ % + - . and /. The font called 'Free 3 of 9 Extended' covers the extended 3 of 9 standard. It includes all the ASCII characters.’

Install the font on every computer with a farmerswife Client installation that has a Barcode Reader connected or that will be used as a label generator.

On Windows: Unpack the zip folder onto your desktop then copy and paste the files into the Font folder which is usually accessible from the Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts.

On Mac OS X: Unpack the zip file onto your desktop. Then go to the Finder > Services > Font Book. In the Font Book, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the Font column. Select the fonts from the folder downloaded and unzipped to the desktop.

Select The Barcode Font

After the barcode font has been installed on the machine it has to be configured in the farmerswife Client. Therefore run the farmerswife Client and click on the Set Up button.


To select the installed barcode font click on the selector bar below Barcode Font and select the installed Barcode from the drop down list. Click OK to finish the operation.

Barcode Reader / Scanner

By default most barcode readers automatically enter a CR (Carriage Return) suffix after each correct read. Therefore when looking for a barcode scanner it is important that the reader can be set to NOT send the CR after each swipe, since farmerswife just expects number/characters. The input is confirmed by manually by pressing Intro or Return. At our farmerswife test installation we use the Metrologic MS9520 Voyager KB wedge barcode reader.

Barcode Reader Check Up

After the installation of the barcode font please follow the steps below to test the connection of the barcode reader and that the font is properly installed in your system.

First check that a barcode reader is correctly connected to the computer. Check also that the correct drivers (if any) are installed and that the barcode reader has lights on to indicate that is operational. 

To perform the test please print this page first, then open a blank text file (Word Pad, MS word, notepad, and text editor) and test if the following barcodes can be read. Scan the codes and check if the numbers that appear in the text file match the numbers displayed next to the barcode:


54321 *54321* 

12345 *12345* 

974324 *974324* 

If these codes cannot be read, please check the configuration manual of the barcode reader, and check that it was properly set up and the use of the CR suffix is disabled. Check also with the manufacturer of the barcode reader if there is a known reason for non-operation of the hardware.

After disabling the use of the CR suffix of the barcode reader, please test that the barcode reader is setup correctly. Perform the test above again and after a few scans, a continuous string of characters should be seen, e.g. 1351234554321974324 

If the test was successful, open a farmerswife Client and make sure that a code can be scanned as described above. Simply click in a field in farmerswife where the result of the barcode scan is to appear and then scan the barcode. 

To create a correct output for the 3 of 9 Barcode font it is important to type an asterisk (*) before and after the number e.g. *153969*. The barcode reader will in return not include the asterisks in the output but just give the number 153969. 

Note from the author: A ‘
Special note to MS Word users: There is a default setting in Word that changes text surrounded by *'s into bold text. This setting must be disabled for these fonts to work, otherwise the * characters that are necessary for the barcode to scan properly will be lost and the thickness of the bars will be altered. I have a copy of Word '97. The setting might be found in a different place in other versions but this is how I disabled it. From the Tools menu open the AutoCorrect dialog box. On the AutoFormat tab uncheck the box for '*Bold* and _underline_'’.

Barcode Sounds

Please note that farmerswife requires QuickTime installed on the computer where barcode sound is to play.

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