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Swap equipment - Replacing Objects in the Dispatch Module

To be able to swap equipment it is necessary that the equipment belongs to the same Object Class. 

Objects within the same Object Class can we replaced with one another inside of the Dispatch Module by scanning the equipment and farmerswife finds the non scanned item that belongs to the same Object Class inside of the Check Out and replaces it. 

In the example video you see that the Arri Alexa 115002 was booked, a Dispatch was created for it, but at the moment of scanning the equipment the Arri Alexa 115004 was scanned, which automatically replaced the 115002, also the Booking got adjusted accordingly. 

This is only possible because all the Arri Alexas are in one Object Class and the Dispatch Status was set to "In Preparation". Only this Dispatch Status allows the swap equipment. 

As soon as equipment is scanned, you can't swap it anymore. You will need to remove the equipment and add the new equipment. 

Please note the  "In Preparation (No Swapping)"  Dispatch Status is used when you need to create a carnet for the equipment as it goes over the border. You really don't want anyone to swap any equipment. 

Swap generic accessories with real accessories in the warehouse

See the attached video: Swapping generic accessories with real accessories of how a placeholder gets replaced with a real item. 

In the Booking the Object Class was booked, but no real Object. In the Check Out the Object Class can now be replaced with any member by scanning it. 

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