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5. 2. Cross Hire workflow, how to track cross hired equipment

If a company is out of a specific equipment they usually cross hire this equipment. Those crossed hired Objects are not in the company's inventory (farmerswife Object Manager). And to avoid adding all cross hired items into the farmerswife database on a regular basis and  to work quicker with cross hired equipment,  from version 6.5 onwards farmerswife has made it possible to easily amend a cross hired Object within farmerswife. 

Using an External Object to track cross hired equipment

If an equipment was scheduled, but you are out of stock in farmerswife you can add an External Object via your suppliers contact (Global Contact) in your contact database. 

In the Supplier Details tab it is possible to setup equipment (Object Classes) that this specific supplier rents out. It is also possible to define rates. 

Objects that need to be cross hired can now be replaced by an External Object from that supplier. 

The External Object will then show in Preliminary Status as you probably will need to check with the supplier, if this specific Object can be rented for that day. Once confirmed, set the Object to confirm: 

Please note: A red line on top of the Booking will later on still indicate that there is an External Object inside of this Booking, unless you click on the Booking icon > Other > Force Confirm All Objects.

For more details on this workflow read the separate article.

Using an Object Class to track cross hired equipment

If you don't want to setup specific equipment with prices in your contact database the other option to track cross hired items is to use Object Classes. These Object Classes can then be added to a Booking. A Name and a Note can be given to the Object Class and when creating the corresponding Check Out by double clicking all other necessary information can be introduced, like the specific name, inventory number and any additional note. 

Create a Dispatch for an External Object / Object Class and check it out

When a Dispatch is created for the Booking, it is now possible to double click on the Object line inside of the Check Out and easily amend the Name, scan or type in the real Inventory Number of the cross hired item, add a note and set it to "verified" thus scanned in the same window. Once all equipment is scanned and ready to go, set the Dispatch Status to "Dispatched".

Inside of the New Check Out window you can setup Custom Fields, to track more info about the cross hired equipment, like a Files widget Custom Field to upload a contract, or even pictures. 

Check back in cross hired equipment

Once the equipment comes back you will need to use the following option in the Dispatch Module: Select the original Check Out > right mouse click > New Check In From Selected to scan back in the cross hired equipment. 

It is not possible to just scan back in the item, as you don't have the inventory number in your system.

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