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EMT Dispatch Settings - Toolbox (Dispatch Module)

Dispatch Module:

Default Expected Return After Days And Time: When creating a “Check Out” directly from the Dispatch Module, the default days until an Object is expected to be returned and its expected return time can be set by default. This setting needs to be enabled if a Task or Booking should be created when creating a Check Out directly from the Dispatch Module.

PDF Notification Email Print Template: Works in combination with the setting: “Notification Email Include / From Email Address”. If enabled, an Email Notification goes out to the Contact defined in the setting below. The Notification email that is sent out takes the selected Print Template that was setup in the Dispatch Module. All Templates can be altered in the Dispatch Module. The Allow Mail setting has to be turned on in Server Setup > General tab as well as the Server Side pdf printing.

Notification Email Include / From Email Address: Add the email address of the person or group that should always get notified when Objects are out of stock, a Check Out or Check In was created or a Status change happened. If more than one User should be included, add the email addresses by separating with a comma.

Divisional Managers: Divisional Managers Setup: (For EMT Add On Module Mac Kiosk Only):

In the setup you can checkmark per Division one or multiple Divisional Managers who should receive the email notification that are sent out, if a User in the Mac Kiosk sets an Object as "Missing" or "Broken"

Allow Objects To Be Checked In When Already Checked In: By default turned off. Needed if a User could take out Objects from the kit room without actually doing the Check Out in farmerswife, e.g. on a weekend and then returning them on a Monday. For the kit room staff member who scans it back in the Object would appear to be already checked in. With this setting on,  you will only receive the notification that your are checking in an item that is actually checked in, but it won't stop you from doing a check in like it would when this setting is turned off.

Allow Objects To Be Checked Out When Already Checked Out: By default turned off. See setting above.

Auto Check In Objects That Are Out When Being Checked Out: Works in combination with the two settings above. When enabled it allows to create a new Checkout for equipment that is still out with the client and needs to be prolonged but for another Project. This way the equipment doesn't have to be returned only to go out back to the same client again.

Offer User To Import Objects From Original Check Out For Object If Its Out: Works in combination with the three settings above. To be able to quickly check in all belonging equipment that was on the same Check out as the Object that you need to checkout again, before it ever came back.

Set Date To Today And Actual Time When Setting Status To Dispatched: If this setting is enabled the Dispatch Date is set to the current date and actual time when the User sets the Dispatch Status to Dispatched and clicks on the OK button. The Booking will adjust itself to the new Dispatch Date and time.

Allow Sending Email And Push Notifications On Status Changes To Dispatch Contact: Will send an email to the Dispatch Contact when the Status of a Dispatch changes.

Allow Sending Email And Push Notifications On Status Changes To Dispatch Pickup Contact: Will send an email to the Dispatch Pickup Contact.

Allow Sending Email Reminder To Pickup Contact When The Dispatch Has 24 hrs left: By enabling this option, the Dispatch's Pickup Contact will receive an email 24 hours before the Dispatch's return date and time, with the Subject "Your Dispatch has 24 hours left". For this new setting to work:

- "Allow Mail" must be properly setup and working in fw Server > Setup > General > Allow Mail.

- "PDF Print Export Settings" must be properly setup and working in fw Server > Setup > PDF Print Export Settings.

- In fw Client > Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Dispatch Module > "PDF Notification Email Template" has to be set. And, once correctly configured a new fw Server Log window line was implemented to show: "The Checker For Dispatches To Be Returned In 24 Is Enabled". This new checker will exclude all Dispatches which were created with a duration of less than 24 hours, and will exclude Dispatches which do not have "Pickup Contact" set.

Create and Save A Booking When Creating New Dispatch: When activated each time a User creates a Check Out from the Dispatch window or via the iOS (only works for iOS until version 5.0.825) or from the Object Manager a Booking will be created, thus indicating that the Object is booked and not available. This way no previous scheduling of the equipment is needed. If the Dispatch is linked to a Project then the Dispatch Name is taken from the Project (the Dispatch Name can be changed once linked to a Project). If it isn’t linked to a Project, farmerswife will create a Task. A Return Date must be set in order for the Booking or Task to be created.

Adjust Booking Object’s Out Time/Day When Checking Back In: Will update/modify the Booking Object’s time and day when it gets returned earlier or later as expected. This setting won't work if the Project has been closed!

Track and Display Dispatching Between Divisions: Shows the Check In box with the arrow pointing down in orange if the Object is checked into another Division than the User who is logged in  - to quickly indicate if the kit is available in house or at different location. For more information refer to the Equipment and Management Tracking articles.

Use Strict Numbering Policy: Once this setting "Use Strict Numbering Policy" is enabled, it will ensure that a unique Dispatch Number will be allocated, when the window of a New Dispatch is created (a new "Check In" or "Check Out"). And if "Cancel" was clicked, then that specific used number will never be used again.

Use Booking Name In Dispatch Name: Usually the Project Name and Number are used as the Dispatch Name if a Dispatch is created via the "Create Dispatch" button on the Edit Booking window. However, if this setting is enabled the Booking Name will be used as the Dispatch Name.

Use Project Name In Dispatch Name When Booking Name Is Empty: This setting is greyed out and becomes available as soon as the setting above is enabled. 

If this setting remains disabled, when the Booking Name is empty the Dispatch Name will be empty.

However if both settings are enabled, the Name for the Dispatch will be the Booking Name, but if this is empty it will be the Project Name and Number (default behavior).

Disable The "Create Dispatch" Button When Booking Global Sub Status Is Not Confirmed: This new setting is inactive by default. When enabled, the Create Dispatch button within the Booking window, will be greyed out if the Booking Global Sub Status is different than Confirmed: Preliminary or Planning.

Set Dispatch Status To "In Preparation(No Swapping)" When Creating Dispatch From Booking: When enabled, the Dispatch Status will be set to "In Preparation (No Swapping)" by default when creating a Dispatch from a Booking.

Set All Objects To Verified When Setting To Dispatched: By default enabled. This setting will set all Objects on Check Outs which are directly set to "Dispatched"  to "Verified" (scanned). If this setting is off, you will have to verify each and every Object like you are supposed to do or set it to the Status "Ready" first and then "Dispatched". Please be aware if the database contains configuration of Objects with Object Class Accessories, those will be also set to "Verified", even if they haven't been replaced with a real Object. Databases that use Object Class Accessories should have this setting off.

Show Remove Object As A Popup Option In The Dispatch Window: By default off. When ticked, the "Remove" option will always appear on all Check Out Statuses and Check Ins. If not ticked, the "Remove" option will not show if the Check Out is in Status "Dispatched". To prevent that a User deletes an item that was scanned and was sent to a client. The "Remove" option will always be available on a Check In and In all other Statuses but "Dispatched" on Check Outs.

Limited User Mode Change Status Password: Works in combination with the Web Permission Profile setting: "Dispatch Limited Mode". For those Users you can set a password that can be given to certain Web Users to be able to do any Check Out Status Changes. Once set, the password won't be displayed by clicking on it, but it is stored. Web Users with Dispatch Limited Mode will be able to click on the Status of a Check Out and change it from e.g Ready to Dispatched, however User will be prompted: "Please Enter Password'. If no Password is defined, the Status field will be blocked for Web Users with Dispatch Limited Mode. Only Web Users with no Dispatch Limited Mode and any Advanced Users with Dispatch Access will be able to change Check Out Status. To change the Password - just click on the button again and define a new one. It will overwrite the old one.

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