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Web User Permission Limited Mode using EMT

This new Web Permission and Password setting have been added to establish a workflow where certain Web Users can only scan equipment on existing, prepared Check Outs to get them ready for pickup, and certain Web Users can then set the Ready Check Outs to Dispatched Status using this Password.

"Dispatch Limited Mode" permission:
This new Permission has been added to the Web Profile Manager and can only be enabled after enabling the "Dispatch Access Through Desktop Client" permission.

A Web User with this Limited Mode enabled will be able to use the Dispatch Module in the farmerswife Desktop Client application to:
- scan existing Objects on existing Check Outs
- print Check Out and Check In Reports
- create New Check Ins
- create New Check Outs - so equipment can be sent from one warehouse to the other
- modify any Custom Fields that have been loaded into the Dispatch previously
- edit the Note field on Dispatches

He won't be able to:
- modify anything on the header of existing Check Out, e.g. Dispatch Name, Pickup Contact, ...
- remove any Objects from existing Check Outs if it is not his own Check Out.
- change the Status of the Dispatch - unless he knows the Limited Mode Password, if it has been set.
- access Dispatch Settings
- access and change Custom Field templates in Checkouts or Check Ins

"Limited User Mode Change Status Password" setting:
This new setting has been added to Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup > Dispatch Module.

Click here to set a password that you can give to certain Web Users to be able to do any Check Out Status Changes. Once set, the password won't be displayed by clicking on it, but it is stored.
Web Users with Dispatch Limited Mode will be able to click on the Status of a Check Out and change it from e.g Ready to Dispatched, however User will be prompted: "Please Enter Password'.

If no Password is defined, the Status field will be blocked for Web Users with Dispatch Limited Mode. Only Web Users with no Dispatch Limited Mode and any Advanced Users with Dispatch Access will be able to change the Check Out Status.

To reset a Password, just click on the "Limited User Mode Change Status Password" in the Toolbox > Settings tab > Dispatch Module and type in a new one.

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