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EMT - Multiple Dispatches for one Booking

A Booking can have multiple Dispatches. With the option: "Move To New Dispatch"  in the Dispatch window you can move selected items to a new Dispatch. This way multiple Dispatches are linked to one Booking.

This is useful when e.g. a kit room manager is preparing the equipment requested on a Check Out and realises that one equipment piece didn't make it with the overnight express to his kit room or is broken and needs to ask a colleague in another department/office/city to send this equipment directly to the client.

When creating the first Dispatch from the Booking, this one will be the reference Dispatch (Check Out).

From this initial Check Out, the User can now select (highlight in yellow) the Objects that need to be moved, right-click or click on the drop-down menu, and select" Move to New Dispatch".

This will create a new Check Out that is also linked to the same Booking. However when clicking on the "Open Dispatch" button inside of the Booking window, only the reference Dispatch will open.

If you have setup Objects with (Object Class) Accessories, and want to move it to a new Dispatch by only selecting the main item, a warning popup note will show: "Confirm Moving A Parent From Its Accessories: [Object Name]". If you selected an Accessory of a main item and wanted to move it to a new Dispatch a warning popup will appear: "Confirm Moving An Accessory Without Its Parent: name of Object".

View of all Dispatches connected to one Booking. Please note, there is no search other than the Booking name/Project name to find all Dispatches connected to one Booking.

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