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Manual Check Outs and Global Status of the Task or Booking when using EMT

If "Equipment Management Tracking (EMT, a.k.a. Object Dispatch) is licensed a new option was added in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings tab > "Booking Defaults > "Global Status (Dispatch)". 

Select here which default Status a Task or Booking should take when is created by an Advanced User via a manual Dispatch > Check Out from the Dispatch module (if "EMT" is licensed).

A "manual" Check Out is without any prior Booking; e.g. done ad-hoc straight from the warehouse.

To create a manual Check Out go to the Dispatch module > right-mouse click > "New Check Out". If you select a Project, a Booking will be created, if you don't select a Project, a Task will be created. 

farmerswife will only create a Booking or Task from a manual Check Out if the settings in fw Client > Toolbox > Settings tab > Dispatch Module > "Default Expected Return After Days and Time is set to at least 1 day" and "Create And Slave Booking When Creating New Dispatch" are checked.


When working with different Divisions this now allows to select a specific Global Status with its corresponding colour, when doing e.g. "internal transfers" from one warehouse to another. 

Before the Global Status of the Task or Booking was set to Confirmed and couldn't be changed.

Set the Global Status as an Advanced User 

Go to Toolbox > Settings tab > Booking Defaults. If the EMT module is licensed, you will see: Global Status (Dispatch) and can select any from the list. 

The list that allows you to pick a a Global Status is created in the Toolbox > Settings tab > Booking Defaults > Global Status. 

Important, please select a Global Status, which Sub Status is set to "Confirmed" this way you make sure that the Booking that farmerswife will create if a manual Check Out is done, will trigger a conflict. A Booking with a "Preliminary" or "Planning" Sub Status will not trigger any conflicts in farmerswife.

To be on the safe side, farmerswife implemented a behaviour that will force confirm a Global Status, in case someone selected a Global Status with a Preliminary Sub Status.

Set the Global Status (Dispatch) as a Web User

A Web User with access to the Desktop Client > Dispatch Module (setting needs to be ticked in the Web Permission Profile) can also set the Global Status Dispatch. Inside of the Dispatch Module > drop down menu > Settings > Default Booking Status.

This setting can also be accessed by any Advanced User.


If Web User with Web Permission "Dispatch Access Through Desktop Client" enabled creates a manual Check Out using a "Global Status" with Sub Status set to "Preliminary" or "Planning", then the new silent "Force Confirm" will work.

BUT if then an Advanced User with access to the timelines opens the Task or Booking created by the Web User (if any), this will then trigger the selected "Web Users" "Global Status" to be applied. It is very important to only select a Global Status that has the Sub Status set to Confirmed.

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