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Virtual Objects - used for mass items

Virtual Objects are usually used for consumables, like gaffer tape, items that are used and finished on shoots etc. 

However they can also be used for mass items that you rent or use and need to track. Or even for items that are too small to put a barcode sticker on and you keep them in a box with the barcode sticker next to it so you can scan it when you take one or more of the mass item out of the box. 

Let's do an example with the mass item "control cable". 

To make it a Virtual Object tick the box: Allow Multiple Check Outs (Virtual Object). 

In the case of a control cable you don't need to put an alarm of stock, as those are supposed to be returned. For mass item Virtual Objects you would set a stock warning here. 

The "Is Expected To Be Returned" option is ticked as you want to have it back and farmerswife should warn you if it is not returned. 

The "Cause Conflict" checkbox is by default ticked off (from 6.5 onwards) as you don't want to get a conflict when booking more than one of those cables. 

Add Virtual Objects stock

In the Object Manager click on the Virtual Object and select > New Check In From Selected. The Check In Dispatch will open. Click on the Virtual Object line > right mouse click > Copy. Type in the amount of stock that you have and hit OK. 

The Virtual Object will be added as many times as you selected to the Check In. Hit Ok and hit OK on the next message that will tell you that there hasn't been done any previous Check Out for this Object.

Back in the Object Manager the stock has now gone up. 

Each time you do a check out with this Virtual Object the stock will go down respectively. 

Book and dispatch a Virtual Object

When adding Virtual Objects to a Booking a quantity selector will pop up allowing you to enter the desired amount that you want to add to the Booking. 

The Virtual Object will then show in a line with the quantity in front of it to indicate how many Objects have been added and a drop down arrow where you can expand the list of Virtual Objects. The same will be possible in the Edit Dispatch window. 

Check back in a Virtual Object

To be able to check back in a Virtual Object you have to go to the corresponding Check Out and use the option: (right mouse click ) New Check In From Selected. Once the Virtual Object is scanned the stock will go up.

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