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3. 2. Dispatch Reports

Configure the Dispatch Report to print out the equipment list that it's being sent out. 

In the Check Out window, click on the report icon at the bottom right corner. This report can be set as a default when using the option to send out an automated Email notification from farmerswife each time when the Status of a Dispatch has changed (Toolbox Settings tab > Server Setup > Dispatch Module: PDF Notification Email Print Template). 

How to setup Print Templates, please consult the Print Designer Manual in our Knowledge base.

1. Lost Items Report 

If the equipment of a Check Out doesn't get returned, because it gets lost, the Check Out will be in the Status of "Partially Returned". 
As soon as it's clear that the equipment is lost, it's possible to to set the Check Out to the Status "Returned" by ignoring the item/s that got lost:

Go to the original Check Out and highlight the item line > right mouse click > Status > Set > Ignore: Yes. The previous checked out sign (caution yellow triangle) will be removed. 

This way farmerswife won't have this Check Out with an Overdue Status. If this lost item was the last in the Check Out that was due to return, with this action the whole Check Out will get the Status Returned. 

Now highlight the item again > right mouse click and add a Note: Date Stamp (Ctrl+D). Print a Report and select: Lost Item Report. Here only items will be displayed that have been set to Ignore: Yes.

The next step will be to set the lost item "inactive", so it's not possible to book it anymore. Go to the Object Manager and search for the equipment. Double click on it and move the Active button from the right to the left.

2. Damaged Items Report 

If some equipment comes back damaged, use the Check In to add this information to the damaged item. After scanning in the item, select it and right mouse click (or click on the drop down menu) and select: Edit Note: Add a Date Stamp (CTRL+D) so it shows the date+time+User name and add the relevant information.

Now select the report icon in the bottom right corner and choose the "Damaged Items Report" in the Print Designer. The report is setup in a way that only shows the items that have a value in the Note Field. If the equipment has been setup with a Custom Field called Purchase Price it is also possible to show the purchase price in the print out. If needed a total per Purchase Price can be shown as well. Please note that the Purchase Price has to be entered in full numbers without commas or dots.

Repair / On Maintenance 

If equipment has been returned damaged and it needs to be repaired it is possible to set it on "Maintenance". Add the equipment to the Objects Tree in the Long Form. Click on the icon and select: Maintenance > Set. Set a start and end date. If needed add a Header and a Note. 

Groups like any Kits (Arri Alexa Kit) can't be set on Maintenance. All individual items have to be set on Maintenance. If the whole Group needs to be set on Maintenance because the whole Kit won't be used until the damaged item is repaired, create a Task or an internal Project and book the Group on a Booking called Maintenance.

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