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2. 4. Dispatch Status and Dispatch History

Settings to display the dispatch status and the dispatch history

  1. Display the Dispatch Status in the Toolbox: Go to the Toolbox Objects Tab, select an object and right mouse click > Display > Dispatch Status. 

    Double click on the Object name and click on the button: Dispatch Status to see the Dispatch history for that Object. 

  2. Enable the Dispatch Status for the Object Tree: Go to the settings tab of the Toolbox > select Display in the dropdown menu > Dispatch Status: Yes.
    This will show the Dispatch Status Arrows next to the Objects in the Object Tree. Click on the arrow to access the Dispatch Status history. 

*  To sort the Objects by their current Dispatched Division enable the setting: Always Sort Objects By Their Current Dispatched Division in the Long Form > Objects Tree > Options. It will sort by Dispatched Division and puts the User’s Division first. 

Check the Equipment Status and History:

  1. Click on the arrow in the Objects Tree to access the Dispatch history:

  2. Go to the Objects tab of the Toolbox and Double click on the Object > Click on the Dispatch Status button on the new window to access the Dispatch history:

  3. Check the Dispatch Status in Object Manager:  Highlight and object and go to the drop down menu or right mouse click > Dispatch Status.

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