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EMT - iOS app configuration and usage

Important notice: Scanning via the camera or via a connected bluetooth scanner is only working until iOS version 5.0.25.

Configure your iPhone

Add Dispatches to the bottom access menus. Tab on More > Edit> drag and drop Dispatches onto the bottom bar. It will replace one icon of the bottom bar with Dispatches. Tap on Done.

Select what to show: Tap: Showing My pending or Show All pending:

Dispatch in the iOS

(1) Tap to create a Check In or a Check Out
(2) Dispatch Status information from top to bottom: Dispatch Status arrow. Dispatch Number + Project Name + Project Number + Dispatch Contact
(2)Pickup Contact defined in the Check Out. Return Contact defined in the Dispatch In.
(2) Involved Objects in the Check Out or Check In. The number next to it indicates the number of involved Objects.
(3) Check Out Status.
(4) Date when the Check Out was created.
(5) Date when the Check Out is supposed to be back.
(6) Filter for Pending.
(7) Filter For Recent.
(8) Filter to search a specific Check In or Check Out.

Create a Check Out in the iOS

  • Tap on Check Out and fill in the Dispatch information. 
  • Tap on Items to add the equipment. 
  • Tap on Add Item and select the equipment from the Browser by tabbing on it, or using the Favorites, Search, Categories option at the bottom. To barcode scan an equipment tab on the camera icon in the top right upper corner and wait until the camera has caught focus of the barcode. Or use the iScan or aScan.

  • Equipment that is added through a Check Out is verified when added. Add more items to the Check Out or delete items from the list by clicking on the red minus sign and then by tabbing on the red Remove button that will appear next to the items’ name. 
  • Tap Done and check out the Recent Dispatches.

Verify a created Check Out that was created in the farmerswife client application with the iOS

To finalize a Check Out that had been created in the farmerswife client application and appears in the Pending list of the iOS, open the Check Out. Tab on the Items tab and start barcode scanning the equipment with the aScan or iScan or the camera. If no barcode scanner is used, it is necessary to enter the Edit mode first (right upper corner) to be able to set the equipment to Verified. Tab on the unverified items until a drop down with three options appear: Verify, Unverify, Ignore. Set the items to Verify. Once all equipment is set to Verified tab on the Done button and the Dispatch is set to Ready (Status). Enter the Edit mode again, to change the Status to Dispatched.

Create a Check In from the iOS

Tap on Check In > Items > select the equipment or barcode scan. It is not necessary to select a Project for the Check In, only if it needs to be tracked. The Check Out that the equipment was belonging to will be updated and show that this equipment has been returned.

Check a Dispatch Report

To be able to open or email a Dispatch Report the according settings have to be set in the Web Permission Profile of the User.

Select a Check In or a Check Out and scroll to the bottom. Tap on the Report button > select Open > and select the template (to be setup prior in the Dispatch Module). View it or Email it.

Delete a Check In or Check Out

Tap on the Check Out > Edit > scroll down to the bottom > tap ‘Delete Dispatch’.

Check a Dispatch Location

Tap on the Dispatch Arrow > The Dispatched Location will show.

Create a Check In from a Check Out

Select the Check Out and swipe with the finger from the right to the left, starting in the far right side of the Dispatch. A green Check In box appears. Tab on it and a Check In from the Check Out opens showing all items in a list that are on the Check Out.

To verify either tab on one item and select Verify or scan it with the aScan or iScan. See the other statuses in the picture that the item can be set to, like Unverify or Ignore.

It is possible to only check in a few items of a Checkout and later continue with it. Tab on Done when finished. The Dispatch will automatically be set to Returned, if all items of the Dispatch have been checked in.

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