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Budgeting Module vs. Virtual Bookings

To create a quote/ budget you can use Virtual Bookings or the Budgeting module

Below you'll find the main differences and advantages of both options.


Virtual Bookings are an inbuilt option to use in Projects in farmerswife. They are usually used for Quoting purposes.

The Budgeting module is a separate licensed option.


The Budget Module uses a FIX Structure that you setup on server setup level. It allows better comparisons but does not give much flexibility as you cannot rename the accounts or add Custom Fields (yet). There are Best Practices on setting up shot based structure or adding text elements.

With Virtual Bookings, each Quote can have one or multiple "Virtual Bookings" where each VB has a Subtotal and you can change the order. So that give a bit more flexibility.

Multiple Versions

Virtual Bookings allow to "save" quotes. But it's a bit more winded approach.

In the Budget window you can have as many not active quote or active quotes as you like.

Adding your services

You can only add Objects to Virtual Bookings whereas to a Budget you can also quote by using Object Classes.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can easily be added on Budget level and information stored per budget.

Virtual Bookings use the "project custom fields". So it's a bit more limited.

Comparison / Reporting

The Budgeting window at a glance can give a better overview on what you've quoted/ budgeted vs how much was actualised (If you attach the actuals).

With the Virtual Bookings you can do similar Reports but on Report level and only e.g. compared by Object Class.

Let’s see the difference by looking at two Projects, one of which is using the Budget module and the other one Virtual Bookings.

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