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Quoting with Virtual Bookings and Cost Comparison Report

This document describes a useful way to setup Objects for Quoting with Virtual Bookings and later generate a good Cost Comparison of Quoted vs. Actuals.


Using Classes and Activities you need to keep in mind that only the Activities of the Primary Class will appear in the Activity Selector, thus in this workflow every Quoting Object only belongs to 1 Object Class (especially if you are using also Activities).

All “Quoting Objects” as well as the actual rooms and operators are added to corresponding Object Class so you can later run a report compared by Object Class (and Activity) and Object (for Extras like Services – same in Quote and Actuals).

It's nice to have but not a must if you have an unused Object "Type" you can rename to: “Quoting Objects” (you can use e.g. "Time Units" if you haven’t used it before). This way all objects for quoting are gathered together.

See below examples of Stephen who belongs to 2 classes; each has activities, that he inherits the Activities.

And Workstation 1 which belongs to Classes: CG & VFX with both having Activities.

Activities added to Class:

When adding Stephen/Workstation 1 to a Virtual Booking (green + icon), only the Activities of the Primary Class appear.

Only Activities from Stephen's Primary Class (Editor) appear:


Add 1 Object for each class to the Object Manager

1) Name: *Editor > belongs only to class "Editors"; "CG" belongs only to Class: "CG"

2) Name: *Online Editor > belongs only to class "Online Editors", "VFX" belongs only to Class: "VFX"

The Quote

When quoting with Virtual Booking, choose the "Quoting Object"... easily listed on top because of the "*" prefix. Choose the Activity.

In the report you can compare by Class and/or Activity.

Add a Virtual Booking

Add a new quote element through “Extras” (green + icon)

Choose the Activity

Print Out

In the print out (Project Report) you can show either Object Class (Primary) or Item Description if using the "Quoting" objects.

The Actuals

Later when booking e.g. Stephen, the room/workstation etc. make sure you choose the correct Object Class and Activity for the booked Object.

Comparison Report

The report is a Financial Report (download here below) and grouped by:

  1. Project
  2. Object Class
  3. Activity

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