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Saved Quotes

This feature allows you to create and save an entire quotation history associated with a project.

To view the quotation history, select ‘Show Saved Quotes’ from the ‘View Settings/Options’ (eye) menu.

The quote history window is displayed at the base of the project overview window.

To generate and save a quote:

a) Select which elements you wish to appear in the quotation by using the view filters.

b) Hit the ‘Save’ button.

c) Define a name for the quote.

d) Alternatively add a note for the quote.

Your quotation will now appear in the quotation history list at the bottom of the ‘Edit Project’ window if ‘Show Saved Quotes’ from the ‘View Settings/Options’ is activated.

To rename a quotation highlight the desired quotation and click the ‘Rename’ button. Enter the new name for the quotation.

To delete a quotation, simply click the ‘Delete’ button.

You can retrieve a saved quotation by clicking on the entry from the history list. The quotation details will appear in the main project overview but can't be edited. To actively change a saved quotation it has to loaded to the actual view.

Editing a saved quote:

Click on the little drop down arrow in the name field of the saved quote and select Virtual Bookings > Load To Current. A warning message will appear:

Confirm Modifying Current With Saved Quote This Change Cannot Be Undone! Then hit Close.

Please note that the current selection will get lost once you load a saved quote to the current view and hit the Close button.

Saved quotes and Custom Fields:

It is possible to save Project Custom Fields with the saved quote. Click on the drop down arrow, see picture above, and select Save From Current. Each saved quote can have different Custom Fields. It is also possible to load Custom Fields from a saved quote to the current view. Select Load To Current from the drop down arrow.

If you want to retrieve a saved quote from the saved quote window the saved Custom Fields only appear once the Close button is hit.

Saved Quotes are just snap shots, used for keeping an audit trail of all quotations related to one project. They can’t be re-edited or re-used in other projects. If you want to save a quotation as a ‘Template’ to re-apply it to other projects, you need to save your ‘Virtual Bookings’ as ‘Virtual Booking Templates’.

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