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Virtual Bookings

farmerswife comes with an integrated tool for Quoting/ making bids. It's called: Virtual Bookings.

A quote/ bid in farmerswife can be made up of one or more Virtual Bookings. To create a new quote/ bid click on the Virtual Booking icon in the Edit Project Window.

Enter a Name and a Note for your quote.

Adding items to the quote

In the Virtual Booking window an object can be added from the left hand side or from the green (+). Items added from the left-hand side can later be pushed into a Booking using the button Forward To Booking. Therefore objects booked from the left hand of the window, have to have a start and stop time or a duration. And you only find "bookable" Objects, not Extras like Services, Material, Expenses. These items can be added from the green (+) and are considered Extras which are not available to book.

On the left hand side items can be found using the 'Show' categories filter and the search field. When the object is found, click on it to add it to the Virtual Booking. A window pops up to confirm time in/out and duration. Once confirmed, the activities window appears to select an activity if required. Select the activity and confirm or click on cancel. The object is now added to the virtual booking. Once an object is added from the left it is not available to select again in the same virtual booking. If you need to add the object again, either select it from the green (+) or create a new virtual booking and add it again.

To remove an object from a ‘Virtual Booking’, left click the object from the list and confirm it’s removal.

To delete a virtual booking open it and click 'Delete'.

Virtual Bookings Templates

Virtual Bookings can be saved as Virtual Booking Templates allowing you to easily re-apply them to other projects. If you have a saved standard template, all you need to do is load it and modify its details according the project.

To Save, Load, Rename or Remove a Virtual Booking Template you need to go the View Settings / Options (Eye) menu and select your option from the list.

Forward To Booking

To forward a Virtual Booking to a real booking, click on the ‘Virtual Booking’ from the project window and press on the ‘Forward To Booking’ button. This will open a calendar allowing you to choose a start date of the Booking and the amount of days.

Any conflicts will be shown in the Conflicts window. Form here, either choose OK or Inspect and then close the Edit Project window to Inspect and solve the conflict.

If Extras are included in a Virtual Booking, booked through the green (+), those Extras won't be forwarded to a Booking! A warning message will appear.

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