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Setting Some Days To Preliminary Status Of A Multi-Day Booking

Once the multi-day Booking has been created with a Confirmed status, you will be able to set those days that have yetnot been confirmed to Preliminary status. It is recommended to apply this on the involved Operator.

In this way, the Operator will be able to see which days are still not confirmed, as the Preliminary days will display asred in the farmerswife Client timeline, and will be marked with an orange dot in the Web Client.

The whole Booking will still have a Confirmed Global Status, but show the Actual Status as Mixed, indicating that someobjects and/or some days were set to Preliminary.

How to apply this option

  1. Highlight the day/s that are to be set to Preliminary (use Ctrl key for multi-selection) by clicking on the Date header in the Hourline.
  2. Ctrl-click on the Operator’s Booking and select: “Booking Object” > “Other” > “Preliminary From Time Range”.

  3. To later confirm any of those days, follow the same steps: Highlight the day/s to be confirmed, but this time select “Booking Object” > “Other” > “Confirm From Time Range”. And those days that were never confirmed should bedeleted from the Booking, as the global status is still Confirmed.

    When logging in through the Web Client, the Operator will be able to see the orange dot indicating the Booking is still preliminary on that day.

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