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Creating a Booking

Single Booking

To create a single Booking place the cursor on the desired start time in the Timeline of the Object required. Hold down the mouse button while dragging it to the end time of the Booking and let go.

Choose the Booking type from Type Popup. The types are:

  • Projects or Projects (Client): If the Booking is related and/or chargeable to a Project, select a NEW or an existing Project from the list
  • Media Orders (if licensed): If the Booking is related to a Media Order
  • Task: If the Booking is non-project related, for ex.: A Meeting
  • Personnel Management: If the Booking is a Personnel type for ex.: A Shift or Vacation etc.
  • Maintenance (Objects only, not applicable to Users)
  • Requests (will only appear if correct User permissions are set) * You can only request for your own user.

Please note that the Type Popup will only appear if the Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > Use Type Popup When Creating New Booking/ Task is ticked.

The Booking types available in the Hourline are dependent on the User Permissions and license type

If the drop-down list of ‘Projects’ is longer than your screen, Farmerswife will provide you with the possibility to search for the ‘Project’ by its ‘Name’ or ‘Number’, by displaying at the top of the ‘Booking’ pop-up menu > Select or search for the ‘Project’.

Multi-day Booking

Similarly, for a multi-day Booking (also known as Class Booking) click on the start time of the Bookings first day and drag the Booking until the end time on the last day. 

This operation will give one of two results depending on a related Toolbox setting: Toolbox > Settings > Booking Defaults > Use Actual Time Range:

  • If this setting is ticked, the Booking time will include all the time between the start time on the first day and the end time on the last day including nights.

  • If the setting is un-ticked Farmerswife will make a Booking on each day that uses the start time from the first day and the end time from the last day.

This Booking will appear in the Project window as one Booking over multiple days and acts as one Booking.

This means that all days in the Booking have to be time reported before the Booking is available for Part Invoicing.

It is possible to display the Booking as separate days in the Project window by selecting the setting from the Booking Menu > Other > View Booking As Separate Days. Please be aware that it is a view option only and will not change the fact that it is one Booking.

The Day note will appear on the Project window for each Booking day - In grey if it is empty and in yellow if a note has been typed in it. The Day Note, which, as the name suggests, is a note referring and viewable on the day only.

The Day Note icon will also appear in the Booking in the Hourline next to the Booking Note icon if in the Toolbox Settings > Hourline > Notes has been ticked.

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