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Adding / Replacing / Removing Objects and Deleting Bookings

Adding an Object to a Booking / Task

There are two ways of adding an Object to a Booking/ Task.

  1. Drag and drop an Object to a Booking from the Display List on the left panel of the Hourline by clicking on the Objects name (not the icon) and drop it on top of the Booking. Select: Add to add the Object to the Booking.

  2. Go to the Toolbox > Objects tab > select an Object and drag and drop it onto the Booking. Select Add to add it to the Booking.

Adding more than one Object to a Booking can be achieved by highlighting more than one Object in the Objects tab (Toolbox) by pressing the SHIFT key and with the CTRL button pressed at the same time dropping them on top of the Booking. Select Add: Object(s) in the popup. If done from a Mac use the APPLE and Shift key.

Replacing an Object

To replace an Object select it from the Display List in the Hourline or from the Objects tab in the Toolbox and place it on top of the Booking until the icon with the two swap arrows appear and Confirm the action. Another possibility is to drag the Object to the Booking until the menu appears: Add: xx Replace: xx. Select Replace.

NEW in 6.5! Define the default behaviour of the pop window that appears when you replace an object, asking if you want to keep the old class, rates and activities.
Go to the Toolbox Settings tab > Class / Object > And find "When Replacing Keep The Class, Activity And Rates" you can select to get the pop-up message or to have a default "Yes / No" behaviour.

Important: If the User has the Permissions "Can Edit Booking Rates" or "Can Select Booking Activity" disabled, then this setting will be forced set to use "No" and the user won't be able to change it.

Deleting a Booking

Drag it slightly to the left or right and drop into the appearing wastebasket. Confirm the action.

If there is more than one Object involved in the Booking/Task a drop down menu will appear giving the possibility to delete the entire Booking, or just one of the Involved Users.

Deleting Objects of a multiple day Booking

If an Object on a multiple day Booking has to be deleted, select the Objects timeline go the the chosen day and drag the Booking into the wastebasket. A drop down menu appears allowing to choose whether to remove the whole Booking (the entire Booking gets deleted!) or a specific Object for the whole duration of the Booking.

Deleting Objects on a specific day of a multiple day Booking

If an Object should only be deleted on a specific date, select the option in the dropdown list: Remove Only On Day: dd-mm-yyyy and define whether All Objects or only a certain Object should get deleted on that day.

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