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Custom scripts related settings & Database Check options

Use the following only when instructed by farmerswife Support team:

Custom script retaled settings (related to 3rd-party integrations):

  • Force Run Callback Script
  • Nightly Scripts Time
  • Timed Scripts Interval
  • Encoding Of Scripts

Database check options:

  • Force Check Database
    To check the database for known inconsistencies.
  • Check For Duplicate Invoice Numbers
    To check the database for possible duplicate invoice numbers. If it detects any, a warning dialog is shown and the WIFEServer's Log contains the info about which invoices have duplicate numbers.
  • Check Media Folder Structure
    Pressing this button makes farmerswife try to resolve a bug where Media folders (on disk) were "lost" under some circumstances when farmerswife started allowing underscores ("_") in folder names (in an early 4.8 Beta version). These "lost" folders are renamed, if possible, so that they are again found by farmerswife. This process is also initiated once during a server upgrade. This check goes through files directories and tries to update the folder structure. If a Media has both the old format (the one without underscores) and a new format (with underscores) and both folders contain files, they will need to be manually merged by a person who knows which files to keep and which to delete. Those folders will be listed in a table at the end, possible to export to Excel. This button can be pressed multiple times to check if everything is in order.
  • Force SQLite Reimport
    Use in case some "history" files were missed or moved when upgrading from 4.9. Since version 4.9 the files contained within the "histories" folder are moved into a new internal SQLite DB. Under some circumstances, these history files might not be available prior to the upgrade to this version. To ensure the histories of Contacts, Bookings (and Bookings from Archived Projects), Media and Entries can be re-imported later, this button can be used. Farmerswife will continue to log histories in the above mentioned areas. They are stored within WIFE Server/system/fwdb.db3. Any history-log-changes after the upgrade past 4.9 and until the missing history files are added back into their old location (WIFEServer/system/histories/... and the use of this new feature, will be overwritten.
  • Import Legacy Tracker Data
    This button can be used to retrieve the legacy tracker history back, in the case of wrongly having started to evaluate the EMT (Equipment Management Tracking) module on a live Production WIFE Server. If you need to evaluate the EMT Module, please contact in order to get a separate time-limited evaluation WIFE Server upand running.
    If you need to use this button, first make sure your license does not have the EMT option enabled. Once you click onthis button, select the location of the 'efdb' file which still contains the legacy tracker's dispatch history data. This will insert the status history BEFORE any later created actions.

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