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Accept / Decline Booking proposal

The Booking Accept/ Decline option allows you to invite Freelancers/ Users to a job and have them actively accept or decline the job/ booking. You can also invite multiple to the same booking and have them all accept/ decline and later decide who’s going to do the job.

The Decline action by the Freelander/ User can trigger a return notification email to the Booker and you can filter in the Long Form by accepted/ declined bookings. 

Freelancers receive a notification email with new proposals and changes in their schedule. 


  • Web Profile 

    In the Web Profile Manager, create a new Profile (right mouse click in top left window > New, enter a name): e.g. Freelancer accept/ decline:

    • Enable the ‘Schedule Changes Email Sendout’ and ‘Notifications’.
    • Enable the ‘User Must Accept New Bookings’ option in the User Permission Profile (for Request/ Approval Workflow). 
    • Select the ‘Shift Availability’ per profile (which Shift types he can set his availability for) (OPTIONAL).

      Farmerswife support can assist further in the correct setup of the Web Profiles. 

  • Color-coding for User Approval Status 

    Go to Toolbox > Settings > Display > click on the coloured bar and choose a colour. Click the X to remove a colour. The colour will then default back to the ‘Confirmed’, ‘Preliminary’, ‘Planning’ colour. 

    * These colours are individual per User.

    The colours are shown on User level in the Long Form Projects, Objects and Personnel Tree, as well as in the Hourline. 

Booking Proposals

  • Create a new Proposal aka Booking 

    A new Proposal is basically creating a new Booking for a User. There are different ways to create a new Booking. In the Long Form or the Hourline. 

    To make reoccurring Bookings click on the Booking icon > Repeat > choose: Multiselection Calendar. 

    Make sure to repeat the Booking before it was ‘Accepted’ otherwise all repeated Bookings will also be ‘Accepted'. 
    Also to consider: Toolbox > Settings > Personnel Tree > See screenshot below. 

    If using Shifts: 

    • Should it be possible to make bookings outside defined shifts? If not, disable: Allow Bookings Outside Defined Shifts. 
    • Should it be possible to make bookings when there is NO shift? If not, disable: Allow Bookings When No Shift found.

  • Notification on new Proposals 

    The Schedule Changes email has a new section on top, which lists all ‘‘New Pending Approvals’’. 

    For a User to receive the Schedule Changes Email:

    • An email address needs to be defined in the User Profile.
    • The access tier ‘Schedule Changes Email’ needs to be checked in the Users’ Profile.
    • Email functionality must be configured in Server Setup > General Tab > Allow Mail: Yes. 
    • Define the frequency of such mail out in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup. In the iOS and Mobile Web Client a ‘Notifications’ stream also shows all new Proposals and the Freelancer can directly from here ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’. 

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