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Accept / Decline Booking proposal


The Booking Accept/Decline option allows you to invite Freelancers/Users to a job and have them actively accept or decline the job/booking. You can also invite multiple to the same booking and have them all accept/decline and later decide who’s going to do the job.
The Decline action by the Freelander/User can trigger a return notification email to the Booker and you can filter in the Long Form by accepted/declined bookings. 

Freelancers receive a notification email with new proposals and changes in their schedule. 


Web Profile 

In the Web Profile Manager, create a new Profile (right mouse click in top left window > New, enter a name): e.g. Freelancer accept/decline 

  • Enable the ‘Schedule Changes Email Sendout’ and ‘Notifications’ 
  • Enable the ‘User Must Accept New Bookings’ option in the User Permission Profile (for Request/Approval Workflow) 
  • Select the ‘Shift Availability’ per profile (which Shift types he can set his availability for) (OPTIONAL)

Farmerswife support can assist further in the correct setup of the Web Profiles. 

Color-coding for User Approval Status 

Go to Toolbox > Settings > Display > click on the coloured bar and choose a colour. Click the X to remove a colour. The colour will then default back to the ‘Confirmed’, ‘Preliminary’, ‘Planning’ colour. 

These colors are individual per User. 

The colours are shown on User level in the Long Form Projects, Objects and Personnel Tree, as well as in the Hourline. 

Booking Proposals

Create a new Proposal aka Booking 

A new Proposal is basically creating a new Booking for a User. There are different ways to create a new Booking. In the Long Form (1) or the Hourline (2). 

See > Video Tutorials > Scheduling for some tutorials 

To make reoccurring Bookings click on the Booking icon > Repeat > choose: Multiselection Calendar. Make sure to repeat the Booking before it was ‘Accepted’ otherwise all repeated Bookings will also be ‘Accepted. 

Also to consider: Toolbox > Settings > Personnel Tree > See screenshot below. 

If using Shifts: 

  • Should it be possible to make bookings outside defined shifts? If not, disable: Allow Bookings Outside Defined Shifts. 
  • Should it be possible to make bookings when there is NO shift? If not, disable: Allow Bookings When No Shift found. 

Notification on new Proposals 

The Schedule Changes email has a new section on top, which lists all ‘‘New Pending Approvals’’. 

For a User to receive the Schedule Changes Email:

  • An email address needs to be defined in the User Profile.
  • The access tier ‘Schedule Changes Email’ needs to be checked in the Users’ Profile.
  • Email functionality must be configured in Server Setup > General Tab > Allow Mail: Yes. 
  • Define the frequency of such mail out in Toolbox > Settings > Server Setup. n the iOS and Mobile Web Client a ‘Notifications’ stream also shows all new Proposals and the Freelancer can directly from here ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’. 

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