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Using Hotkeys to run Financial Reports

You can configure hotkeys to run financial reports on a selection of projects, objects and dates from the Long Form.

Follow these steps:

  • Design a Financial Report and assign a Hotkey to a Financial Report in Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous > Hotkeys.

  • Load the Projects to be included in the Financial Report in the Projects tree in Long Form.
  • Multi select Projects to include in the report: you can do this from the Toolbox or from the Projects tab in the Navigation bar, using the option Add To Tree or Solo View In Tree after having selected the Projects you want.

  • Once the Projects are added to the Projects tree, if no Project is selected there (highlighted in blue), all Projects listed in the Projects tree are included in the report.
  • But if no Projects are loaded in the Projects tree, the hotkey will not work.
  • Additionally, you can also select specific Objects from the Objects tree or Personnel tree to include in the report. 

  • As you select items from both, the Object tree and the Personnel tree, a dialog will prompt you to only choose from one or the other.


  • When triggering a Hotkey, the assigned Financial Report template will be opened for the selected Projects and Items (if booked on the selected Projects).

  • If no Objects are selected, all items booked on the selected Projects will be considered in the report.
  • If no time range is selected in Long Form, all events booked on the selected Projects will be respected.
  • If a time range is selected in Long Form, only events booked within the selected time range will be respected when invoking the defined hot key (corresponding to the Financial Lines In Range setting in the Financial Report).

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