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1. Basic Configuration

Define Where To Take ‘Invoiced’ Numbers From

In the Server Setup > Financial tab > configure the setting Take "Invoiced" Numbers From. By default the option is set to Invoices/ Credit Notes, so the Invoiced numbers are being pulled from the Invoice Manager.

Depending on your workflow, it is possible to point the Invoiced Numbers to a different Time Report mode, however it is strongly recommended to use the default setting unless it's decided differently during the implementation/ training.

Further options are:

  • Invoices/ Credit Notes
  • To Invoice/ Used/ Booked· To Invoice/ Used
  • Used
  • Used/ Booked
  • Booked Only

    You will find this setting on the financial tab of the server setup.

* Note: Please note that if the Invoice Module is not being used in Farmers WIFE, the Invoices/ Credit Notes option will not be valid, because there aren't any numbers available to be extracted from the Invoice Manager. In such case, it is recommended to use the option To Invoice/ Used option instead.

If e.g. To Invoice/ Used/ Booked is selected, the FRD will collect the booked instead of the invoiced numbers if nothing has been yet time reported. As soon as used time has been logged, the Time Report will show the Used or To Invoice numbers before the Booked numbers.

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