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List Price Rate and Sell Rate in Financial Reports

- "List Price Rate" is the Object's original unit rate, coming from the Object Manager.

- "Sell Rate" is the Object's unit sell rate coming from a particular source, that might differ from the "List Price Rate" if it has been modified either manually or through a rate card.

There was already the "List Price" element, but this was the total value for the row. "List Price Rate" now is the unit rate.

And there was already a "Sell Before Discount" element, but this was the total value for the row. "Sell Rate" is the unit rate.

In both cases in order to get the unit price, it was necessary to add a string math operator involving the quantity.

Thanks to these new options, it is now also possible to show rates even when the quantity of a detail in the budget module is set to 0. This is commonly needed when e.g. you need to send a client their rate card.

These 2 new elements have been added for all "Numbers" groups in the Rows section of Financial Reports: To Invoice/Used, To Invoice/Used/Booked, Used, Used/Booked, Booked Only, Invoiced, Quoted and Budgeted.

"Sell Rate" has been added below "Sell", and "List Price Rate" below "List Price". But please note that on existing templates these two new elements will appear at the end of the list.

If the setting "Mix Sources" is enabled in a Financial Report template, the "Sell Rate" can display an empty value ("-"), resulting from a mix of unit rates.

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