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6. Time Report Mode

To make financial reporting more predictable, the Time Report Mode in the Edit Project window can be changed to get an overview before generating the Financial Report.

To access the Time Report Mode, go to the Edit Project window > Eye icon > Time Report Mode. To Invoice / Used / Booked is the option displayed by default in each Project. The selectable options in the Time Report Mode menu are the same as those covered in theIntroduction chapter:

  • To Invoice / Used
  • To Invoice / Used / Booked (Default)
  • Used
  • Used / Booked
  • Booked Only

The Time Report Mode is only a viewing mode. It does NOT affect other users and it will NOT affect how invoices are generated. Invoices are always generated using the complete To Invoice / Used / Booked mode.

How it works

Changing the Time Report Mode in the Project window will show what Farmerswife considers to be a part of that Time Report Mode. Changing it to Booked Only will have the effect that all time-reported Hours, Extras, etc. are removed from the view. The Quantity and the Rates display Booked information. But as soon as something has been time-reported on the Used column or in the To Invoice column, the information in the Quantity and Rates will change accordingly.


The Project in this example has been time reported and invoiced (indicated by the white clock on the bookings as well as the invoice at the bottom of the project window).

In the screenshot below the Time Report window for the two Bookings shows different numbers for Booked, Used and To Invoice time:

The Time Report Mode is set by default to To Invoice / Used / Booked (Default).
It means, that the Booked instead of the to-invoice or used quantity and rates are displayed if nothing has been yet time reported. But as soon as used time has been logged, this Time Report Mode will show the Used or To Invoice (if this option is active) numbers before the Booked numbers.

Therefore in this example, the Total is the same as the invoiced at the bottom. On the same Project, the Time Report Mode has now been set to Booked Only.
Only Booked hours are now displayed, and the Rates reflect the Quantity booked. The Total of the Project is therefore different from the Invoice Total at the bottom.

Next, the Time Report Mode has been set to Used. Only Used hours are now displayed, and the Rates reflect the time-reported Quantity.

The Total is different from the Invoice Total at the bottom.

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