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Using the "Quantity As Hours" in Reports

If an object has a DAY RATE configured, the Quantity field in Financial Reports will show the number of days, regardless how many hours were booked. But sometimes you'd like to see the number of hours instead, so there's now a "Quantity As Hours" field.

Here's an example on how this would be used:

You are selling Edit or Shoot days (or any other type of Activity or Bookable service) to your client in Day Unit, because no matter how many hours is "Used" you still want to charge the full day as one unit. 

At the same time you want to keep track of how many hours was actually used by the operator.

In the Financial Report the 'Quantity As Hours' number as an element per line or as total in any of the applicable Groupings in your Report selection. 

We've created attached basic Financial Report template to show the Day rate broken down to the hourly unit cost, based on the actual Hours. 

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