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5. Export to Spreadsheet

The Open As Spreadsheet feature can be used both as a complement or as a replacement of the Print Designer. This feature allows you to export all the information from the Print Designer, based on the filter settings in the main Financial Report window, to a comma separated file. Typically, it will export the data to the default spreadsheet application that has been configured to open CSV (comma/ character separated values) files on the computer being used.

Even if there is no Template created (e.g., the Preview area is blank), the data can still be exported to a spreadsheet. Click the Open As Spreadsheet button at the bottom right corner of the Print Designer and the Spreadsheet Export Settings window will open. It reflects the same hierarchical structure as the Elements/Options of the Template in use. Select the sections of the hierarchy that should be included in the export, e.g. Rows. Click OK and the default spreadsheet application will open with the exported data from the Rows section.

To export the same information as in the Preview area of a template, simply set Only Visible Fields to Yes in the Spreadsheet Export Settings.

Please refer to the Open as Spreadsheet documentation for more details and configurations on this feature.

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