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Booking Templates

Booking Templates are very useful in cases where the same Booking set up can be reused in a Project. A Booking Template can consist of as little as one Booking with the involved Objects/ Classes up to a whole Project Structure with Binders, Subbinders and multiple Bookings.

To create a template add the Project from which the template should be created to the Projects Tree. In the Toolbox select the Booking templates tab. Next select the Bookings or Binders that should make up the new template (press cmd in Mac or ctrl in PC to be able to multiselect).
Drag the selction into the Booking template area in the Toolbox. When the Template tab is highlighted drop the selection. Give the template a name and description.

In this first example a template consisting of only Bookings is created.

In this second example a Booking template consisting of Binders is created.
A pop up is asking to include children. Yes means that all Bookings within the Binders will also be included in the template, No means that only the Binders will be included in the template. Next pop up asks to give the template a name and in the Note add a description that explains the content / for what the template should be used.

To apply a template to a Project start by adding the Project to the Tree and mark it (blue). Select the template in the Toolbox > Booking Templates and drag it all the way up to the date of when it should start or end according to the blue arrows. Note that for the arrows to appear you need to drag into the top area where the date is displayed.

A dialogue will ask to Auto Replace Objects With Available Ones; Yes if there’s a chance that conflicts will occur and if you want farmerswife to auto select available ones. Select No to manually resolve any conflict that may occur.

Booking Templates Menu

The Booking templates menu can be found in the toolbox drop down menu in the top left corner or by right mouse clicking. It is possible to rename, remove and copy from another user. In case of copying all the existing templates will be replaced by the ones copied.

  • Rename: Will allow you to rename the selected booking template and the short description.
  • Remove: Will allow you to remove selected booking template.
  • Framework Static Time Fram Day Mapping: This new "Frame Work Static Time Frame Day Mapping" feature allows Frameworks stored in Booking Templates to be applied depending on the target day.

    You can configure this feature on Booking Templates, then create "Frameworks" for a whole month, which will respect your set behaviour on normal work days, weekends and Full Day and Half Day Public holidays.

    There are 4 main "day mapping" options:

    1. "Normal work days" to be mapped to "target day": "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday".
    2. "Weekend days" to be mapped to "target day": "Saturday", "Sunday".
    3. "Full day Public Holiday" to be mapped to "target day": for a full day public holiday.
    4. "Half day Public Holiday"  to be mapped to "target day": for a half day public holiday.

  • Copy From Another User: The templates are personal but can be copied by other users. However, be aware that when copying from other users the existing templates will be replaced by the copied templates if they have the same name (a window will pop up to remind you).

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