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Who is Task User (TU) and who is Super User (SU)

The easiest way to see who is a Task User (=User) and who is a Super User is by looking in the Server Setup > Users tab. Here each user is listed with a coloured square in front of their names you can just count how many of each colour there are. Please see the attached picture below.

  • GREEN = Super User with Rates  
  • YELLOW = Super User without Rates  
  • RED = Task Use  (=User)  
  • BLUE = Web User  

How do you assign User Permissions vs Super Users Permissions? 
Open one of your Users with Advanced license assigned, click on the drop-down menu next to Permission Profile and select Edit. In the Permissions window, the top bar shows the Permission Type assigned to this User:    

  • Tasks / Bookings / Rates (Super User)  
  • Tasks / Bookings (Super User)  
  • Tasks (User)  
  • Web Only User (Web User)  

Please note that in the most recent versions the system has a global counter for Advanced Users, therefore the 2 figures you see next to the permission type for the three types (red, green, yellow) are added up. So for example if you are currently only using 30 SU + 5 U, but your license allows up to 31 SU + 9 U, this will show as 35/ 40.

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