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Is there an Android app for farmerswife?

There is not currently an Android app for farmerswife. The farmerswife iPhone app is currently our prime focus when it comes to native mobile-apps.
Unfortunately the iPhone and Android worlds are to far apart; a native Android app is therefore not in our pipeline.

Taking our new Web Client as a base we have created a Mobile Web Client optimised for mobile and tablets so you can use a web browser on your Android or Blackberry to access farmerswife

If you open a browser on your phone (e.g. Chrome) and then go to the Web Client address, fw will detect that you are connecting from a mobile device and direct you to the Mobile Web Client login page.

Alternatively you can directly add "mobile" at the end so it looks e.g. like:

You can then save it as favorites to access it easier. 

This uses the same port as the web client and is implemented using HTML5. Since farmerswife v5.2 it has matured to be on a similar functionality level as the iOS farmerswife app or the Web Client. 

For more details on the access settings please see the server ports and access tiers.

To get started with the Mobile Web Client take a look at the introductory PDF and video.

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