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farmerswife Beta Agreement

Our Beta Agreement with You

By installing the Beta version of our software farmerswife, you hereby confirm that you understand and agree to the consequences thereof as listed below:

Only customers with a Gold Support & Maintenance Agreement active past the planned release date are eligible to receive a Beta license. The release date is subject to change; once upgraded to the Beta version the Beta-Customer agrees if necessary to extend the Support & Maintenance Agreement to at least one month past the actual public release of this version.

For customers who have purchased feature development, it is prerequisite to run the Beta version within their production environment.

Without purchased feature development the access to Beta is only granted on a case-per-case basis at our own discretion.

Any prior issues (bugs, missing functionality, etc.) or new ones related to the upgrade to the Beta version need to be addressed separately and conform to the below bug report format. Being on Beta doesn't mean that all issues can or will be addressed; some might require unplanned and purchased feature development.

You hereby authorize us to include your Company Name, City, and Country to the list of Beta Customers within the Beta Release Notification email. All recipients you have informed us about (see below list), will receive this notification once a next Beta version is ready to be downloaded and installed. All recipients are added as "BCC".

We need to know the First Name, Last Name, Title, email address of: 
- Main Farmer(s)
- Main IT contact(s)
- Main farmerswife user(s)

You also confirm:
All users who work with your farmerswife system running on "Beta" were previously informed about the following information.

You agree to upgrade as soon as possible, once we've notified you about a new release.

The Release Notes are available online and are updated with every release notification and shipped with each installer are the first and only line of documentation during the Beta development phase. The content is essential for everyone running a farmerswife Beta version. You agree to read them and distribute them among your users.

New feature development bears the higher risk of new bugs being introduced, or previously working functionality to contain bugs. We need to be able to replicate the bugs, in order to fix them. The issues you might encounter will not go away by magic. We need your help here: report bugs to If you use the below format, it not only makes it easier and less time consuming for you and everyone involved, but a responsive and fluent communication is the very base for a fast solution of any issue:

Bug or issue report:

Email Subject: a clear and short description of the problem or bug. For example: "WIFE Client crash on opening Project #12345 on WIFE-Beta-version-xyz" is already a lot more useful than "WIFE crashes" or "problem"

Email content: 

WHAT and WHERE is the bug?: describe as detailed as needed and in the shortest possible way on how to replicate the bug. Any window in WIFE has its own title name. Using these descriptions is the best and easiest way to communicate to us, to what you are referring to within WIFE. Please also consider adding screen shots; make sure all needed information is visible on your screen shot. This is not always needed, but it's a very useful a quick way to provide us with more information.

Describe in simple words of what happened.

Describe what you expected to happen.

... and then send this to

If a WIFE Server crash was involved, use the "Send Backup Now" button located on the running farmerswife Server application window.
If a WIFE Client crash was involved we need the "error.txt" from the machine where the crash happened; the error.txt is located in the root installation folder of the WIFE Client software.

Farmers WIFE offers these access tiers to the system: 
WIFE Client application on Mac and Windows (Linux is also available but not officially maintained).
Web-browser based Web Client (designed for Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. Recent changes now make it also usable with MS Internet Explorer v9).

WebCal based "Object Event subscription" to 3rd Party applications, which support subscribing to WebCal format (e.g. Outlook for Windows and iCal).

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